November 6, 2019

wolf on dueling buttes

THE SCENE: Arcadia. Nice and cool.
SSH IC x12

Windmills IC x 12

Imperial Walker IC x 12

Hillbilly IC x 12


Mosey to the “dueling buttes” at the front of Riverdale school.

Partner up for a round of “WOLF”. While your partner runs up the dueling buttes (sidewalk, hill, parking lot, hill, drop off lane), the other partner performs an exercise on the sidewalk at the bottom of the dueling buttes next to the road. All exercises listed below are indeed on the F3 Exicon list.

  • W = 100 War Hammers, but instead of 4 American Hammers in sitting-up position, we modified to 2 American Hammers.
  • O = Obamas. While one partner does Obama to white sign about 50 yards down the sidewalk, the other partner runs up and down the dueling buttes until Obama has been completed. Once done with Obamas, switch and other partner does the Obama while other partner runs up and down dueling buttes.
  • L = 100 Lt. Dans. Squat, leg lunge, squat, leg lunge on opposite leg. Each leg lunge completes a rep.
  • F = 100 Fairy Jacks

Mosey back to startex.

Flutter kicks IC x 35

Freddie Mercury IC x 15

Clock Merkins on Hill. 5 merkins in each of the following clock positions: 12,3,6,9,12

We still had time remaining, so we partnered up again for more rounds of Dora-esque drills. This time, it was dealer’s choice. While one partner runs to sign 75 yards away, other partner performs exercise:

  • 100 Shoulder taps
  • 100 jump squats (cut short for time)

9 PAX. Upgrade (QIC), Chuck E. Cheese, Nature Boy, Oscar, Innuendo, Landline, Black Diamond, Captain Obvious, Runner-Up.
I shared how we can not just pray for things and wait for it to be handed to us. God calls us into action every day. A healthy marriage and healthy friendships are healthy only if we get in the game and in the grit. We are called to act out of love toward each other, unconditionally, and not wait for the other person to show us an act of love.