September 14, 2017

VQ Calendar Time

AO:The Old Forest

QIC: O Positive (VQ)

PAX: Shoestring, Teacher’s Pet, Mama’s Boy, Hitch, Slick Billy, Phat Pat, Soybean, Four Eyes, C-Lo, Bruce, Crayfish, Bookworm, Heavy Weight, OZ, Toms, Lazarus, Gus and O Positive; FNG’s=Free Time, T.P., Abacus, Pyrtle and Radio

CONDITIONS: 65 degrees and balmy



•Deep Knee Bends x20 IC
•Arm Circles (Wide) x10 IC (Forward)
Arm Circles (Wide) x10 IC (Reverse)
•Merkins x15 IC
•SSH x20 IC

Brief instruction on the relevance of ‘9/14’ as it relates to today’s date on the Mayan Calendar~
*To commemorate this special occasion:
•9 Burpees immediately followed by 14 Jump Squats (no rest) OYO

*mosey to nearby asphalt track: 2 laps around, figure-8-style

*Since the PAX was enjoying Calendar Time so much the QIC/VQ decided to Theme the work-out as ‘257’…otherwise known by the Gregorian Calendar as today being the 257th day of the calendar year. The PAX were tickled to discover this interesting factoid. Who knew the QIC/VQ was so estudious?!
>Partners grouped in 3’s
•As a group to encourage mumblecatter the men completed 3 separate exercises…SSH, Squats then Buttkickers for a total count of 257 reps. Each partner completed:
*86 SSH/ea…then bear crawled 1 lap; plank and hold to wait on group
*86 Squats/ea…then bear crawled 1 lap; plank and hold to wait on group
*85 Buttkickers/ea…then bear crawled 1 lap; plank and hold to wait on group

Rinse and Repeat

*mosey 2 more laps around the asphalt track…sprint to finish

•Box Cutters x15 IC
•Jane Fonda x15 IC (left side)
Jane Fonda x15 IC (right side)
•Hello Dolly x30 IC



>The sustainable nature that is F3 solely depends on the PAX intentionality to INVITE a brother to join us in the gloom. QIC/VQ termed it what he calls the ‘Andrew Effect’-referencing the sheer power of a man extending an invitation to a brother, in this case,literally when Andrew invited his brother, Peter, to meet Jesus Christ. The rest is history. Never underestimate the impact of inviting a man to join you in the gloom.
>PAX lifted up multiple brother’s respective prayer requests

*23 men (5 FNG) made an intentional decision to post this morning to get better for their families, their communities and themselves. QIC/VQ was humbled to have such great responsibility to lead these HIMs. VQ was quite the fan of ‘all things calendar’ as mumblechatter was flowing (compliments to the #1 mumblechatter, Shoestring). Oddly enough there appeared to be a cause and effect relationship b/w mumblechatter and reps. VQ was fueled on Qdrenaline as noted by Gus. Solid continued turn-out in the 38104.

The Old Forest was such a kind and gracious host.

Class dismissed.