September 15, 2017

VQ and a new AO

AO: University of Memphis track

QIC: Shoestring (VQ)

PAX: Gus, Toms, Four Eyes, Hitch, Lazarus, Bookworm, Soybean, C-Lo, Oz, Anklet, Phat Pat.

Conditions: 65F and clear!



Side Straddle Hop IC x 20
Imperial Walker IC x 20
Merkins IC x 15
Annie IC x 15 each arm

The Thang
Burpee Indian Run: PAX run in single file line while back 2(two) PAX drop for 5 burpees and then sprint to the front of the line. PAX performed rotations until most were ready to die.

100 yard sprint(Rinse and repeat)

Finkle Swing IC x20 each leg
Dolly IC x20
Rosita IC x20
LBC’s IC x20
User’s Choice for remaining time.(Deep squats & slow pushups)



COT / BOM: Ephesians 4:12- We are all in different places in our physical fitness as well as our spiritual fitness.  We rely on one another grow physically and through fellowship, we can also rely on one another to grow in our faith. No man left behind.

Moleskin: Lazarus did almost as much complaining as he did working out but I’m glad he finished the workout.  Soybean pushed thru and inspired the PAX to not give up.