May 31, 2019

Vols Beer Pong at AO Levee

THE SCENE: 68*, how did we ever do this in 20 degree temps?

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Done x 4, Meter Maid may have been the last LIFO but he certainly wasn’t the only.

WARM-O-RAMA:  tagged in O-Positive for SSHs x 30, followed by 21’s.  PAX ‘successfully’ completed only thanks to OP’s back being turned in an opportune direction.   

Set up:  next to batting cage, fold up table with Red Solo cups half filled with . . . . . . water, and 6 UT ping pong balls.  

  • PAX started 10 yds back in 6 lines facing beer pong table.   The first 6 PAX instructed to bear crawl to the table and fire away.  Bear crawl back.  PAX left behind performed 30 BBSUs and held plank until all in.
  • Each made shot represented 10 less reps of a subsequent exercise chosen by QIC.
  • 1st round – 0/6 shots, Burpees IC x 60
  • 2nd round – 0/6 shots, Squats IC x 30 (non-tempo variety)
  • 3rd round – 1/6 shots, Merkins IC x 25 (non-tempo variety)
  • 4th round – 0/6 shots, Lunges OYO x 60 (1=1)
  • 5th round – 1/6 shots, Carolina Dry Docks IC x 25 (non-tempo variety)
  • *movement modified to crab walk*
  • 6th round – 0/6 shots, Overhead air presses IC x 30 (non-tempo variety)
  • 7th round – 0/6 shots, Monkey Humpers IC x 30 (non-tempo variety)
  • 8th round – 0/6 shots, BBSUs IC x 30 (non-tempo variety) 
  • 2/48 (4%)

MARY: Flutter Kicks IC x 30, American Hammers IC x 20, Boat Canoe x 2 minutes, LBCs IC x 20, J-Lo IC x 20

18 PAX, 1 FNG (Rascal),  Meter Maid, Cheesesteak, Motel 6, C-Lo, Nature Boy, Moneybags, Stuft Crust, Ballboy, Landline, Halpert, Corky, Coach K, Pronto Pup, Pablo, O Positive, Hello Kitty, Tomb Raider 
“The Edge”

The edge is the moment where we make the decision to jump and free fall.  Leaving behind the complacent performance based day to day ‘known’ life for the faith based grace soaked life of a man led by the Holy Spirit.  Embracing the ‘scary’ process of becoming the one that you were supposed to be, shedding off the death of the old you.

My M began swim lessons at our house this week and I am always amazed at the kids who refuse to jump off the diving board into the deep end.  Many times they walk out onto the edge of the diving board and stand there before stepping back to the ‘security’ of the pea gravel border.  They know its going to be fun to jump, their friends tell them that they’ll love it.  Heart breaking to see them not experience the freedom and the excitement of a free fall into the deep.  

We too are at the Edge or rather we should be living our lives at the edge.  Constantly deciding to let go of our false sense of security and step out in faith to experience true freedom that the journey into the deep has for us.  What’s your edge?  A new career?  Growing your family?  Fostering?  Letting go a bit more of the treasures God has entrusted you with?  Serving others? Loving your jackass neighbor?  

This life was meant to be lived on adventure, in a fight with a dragon, saving a damsel.  We can’t do this clinging onto the edge of a diving board.  Do not be afraid.  Jump 

Well, there won’t be a F3 beer pong team anytime soon though I’m sure a Slack channel will be created.  Maybe actual beer would help.

Hard work this morning, good to be with the Levee PAX.  I had us break up the 60 burpees into sets of 10 IC asking 5 other PAX to lead sets IC.  I should have stuck with this throughout as these are good opportunities to get others to become more comfortable leading IC.

Heading back to EndEX a few asked to help carry the cones, cups, table, pong balls, water cooler back to the flags.  I casually responded with a “No, thanks.  I’ll come back for them.”  After the flag pic I noticed that they had picked it all up for me anyway including my crumpled up wienke.   Each time into the gloom I am reminded that I am surrounded by HIMs whose radical love matches their profession of radical faith.

Prayers requested for OP’s 2.0’s as they brave some white waters downrange.  Also requests for a Memphis family whose 3 yr old son drowned yesterday while the Grandmother was watching him.  Absolutely, hate that.  Prayers to the family.