July 13, 2018

Vice Squad Ruck on Friday the 13th

THE SCENE: The PAX met the gloom with a ruck sack and a bit of titillating excitement over the introduction of the VICE.  So titillating that sweat began to ooze out of pores all over.  Or maybe it was the 100% humidity and 77 degrees.

55 Pounds of Suck

Although there were no FNG many of the PAX were sporting new rucksacks.  The disclaimer did happen and special attention was given to the VICE.


SSH IC X 30 (I went to 30 so that Meter Maid could join us) (speed on exiting a motor vehicle is not a skill taught in law school)
Daisy Pickers IC x 15
Around the world Lunges (Daft Punk) OYO X 5

Ruck up and Mosey – Slog (slow jog) with ruck ~ 1/4 mile
The Vice was passed every 100 to 200 yards.

at the 1/4 mile mark we circled up “Cult style”
Ruck swings IC X 15
Ruck Press IC X 15

Ruck 1/4 mile continue to pass the Vice
Ruck Merkins IC X 10
Ruck Jump Lunge IC X 15

Ruck 1/4 mile continue to pass Vice
Indian split leg Vice pass (The vice was passed through each PAX legs.  After passing then run to the end of the line.

Time hack to get back to Startex.  12 minutes to get all pax back along with the VICE.  The vice was swapped every 1 to 2 minutes.  No penalty for getting back on time other than extended Mary.

Flutter Ruck up kicks IC x 15
Overhead Ruck to ground and back up IC x 15
Dealers Choice
Cheese-steak – Chillcut hold IC X 15 ???
Nature Boy – Hello Dolly IC x 20
1040 – Hello Dolly IC x 15
Snowman – 1 ruck lap around the parking lot

9 PAX (0 FNG)

Just and encouraging word to lead your family first then lead out.  So often we are busy doing life and forget to lead our family.  A HIM (High Impact Man) has a responsibility to disciple his wife and children first.  Then lead out from there.  Spend time with your family and let them see you lead (spiritually)

The Vice ain’t no joke.  I liked Cheesesteak’s homonym using the Vice as an illustration of carrying around our own Vices.  Meaning we all have shortcomings and fall short of the mark.  If you have a Vice, put it down.  It might be a struggle not to pick it back up but a true HIM understands that these Vices can be victories that can only be won with Christ leading you.

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