February 13, 2021

Valentine’s Day Warm up

It was cold. Paper trail made it a point to let me know that he was leaving at 7:45 and that it was nothing against me


Sloppily disclaimed – my mouth was still frozen from the ruck (which continued into the ability to count in cadence for warmarama)



Imperial Walkers IC

Daisy Pickers IC

Mosey lap around outside of parking lot and finishing in the middle lane


Thang #1

starting on one side of the parking lot row and ending on the other side (width wise)

11’s Crucible Merkins/Bonnie Blairs

Bear crawls back and forth in between

Grab a partner of similar cardio endurance. Partner run up the hill to the stop sign at the top (about .25 miles)

You can run as fast as your partner wants but you can’t leave him behind.

Thang #2

Top of the hill – low plank ring of fire with pickle pounders up to 4 – it was halfway through this that Toby stated “I think Turkey Legs got valentines day on his mind).


Jack Webb – 1 burpee/4 monkey humpers – up to 5 and 20

Partner run to the Visitors center

Thang #3

From main building path down to ampitheatre

Single File line – everyone does jungle boiz (2 scoops) while in place, the last one in line runs to the front. It was called a slingshot but it turned out much more like an inch worm. I think we got to just over 100 JBs per Hobo

At Ampitheatre – Walls sits for just over a minute and short mary session – dealers choice (rope pulls (hobo), heels to heaven (tremor), mountain climbers (slater))

Partner run back to base of hill next to expo center and at that point paper trail had to take off

4x Lunge walk up the hill and safely walk/jog back – Slater took the opportunity to complete a seal slide on his chest down the hill and surprisingly turned out really good.

Alligator merkin crawl back up the hill – All -in – short mosey to middle of parking lot

Final Thang

Broad Jump and then complete a merkin and repeat until back to start x (the idea is to not walk at all) 40 yards roughly


15 Arods IC (why not?)

Dealer’s Choice – Toby had us do flutter kicks

Vengeance called out hello dollys and then we all sat in hello dolly position for about 10 seconds in silence and then looked at vengeance and he said – Oh, am i supposed to count? and Hobo replied “have you not been paying attention the entire workout ?” Good laughs while trying to count and finish the hello dollys.

Ratio finished us with a high plank hold

Before we finished, Tremor let us know that we had 10 penalty burpees due to the flag falling down during the workout

Started with 12 and ended with 11

Turkey Leg (QIC), Toby, Landline, Hobo, Slater, Ratio, Mudpants, Paper trail (75%), Roots, Tremor, Nature Boy, Vengeance

I referenced the link that Gus sent out this past week about “M” and the HIMs most important relationship. I believe it was this article that shared there is no such thing as “maintaining” when it comes to relationships, you’re either accelerating or you’re decelerating.

This past 2 weeks has been a grind for work and I’ve been spending a lot of time at my desk but still making the time to get my work outs in.

I’ve had very little positive interactions with my kids and have not made time for my wife. Prior to heading to the workout this morning my wife gave me a good wake up call by saying that she wished I would enjoy spending time with her as much as I do spending the time in the gloom in the morning.

I’ve been decelerating these past two weeks with my family and I need to make that right. So I shared that i was going to make sure that I’m accelerating when it comes to the important relationships and I encouraged the PAX to keep that in mind as well when they interact with people. We’ve likely all been in ruts like this and some of us may be in right now. Accelerate and make your self better!

Chatter was eliminated quickly during the 11s. Those were more of a grind than i thought. I originally thought we’d do 10 burpees/40 MHs jack webb but had to modify on the file as that was too much at the time.

Slater picked up the chatter for the back half giving Cheezsteak a run for the title I think..

Tentpole challenge this week. Tremors AOQ retirement party next week at the mother ship

Turkey Leg
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