December 9, 2017

Uppers & Downers

AO: The Mothership

QIC: Bruce

PAX: Shoestring, Teacher’s Pet, Gus, Tiny, Slick Billy, Pirtle, F150, Bruce, and 1 FNG (Moneybags)

Conditions: Cold and frosty 28F (wind chill temp to 21F)



SSH IC x 20
Imperial Walkers IC x 10
Hillbilly IC x 10
Baby Arm Circles IC x 10 (CW & CCW)


Hill-lacious Forties
PAX started off on benches. PAX performed 30 reps of an exercise, mosied to the hill, bear crawled up the hill, performed 10 reps of another exercise, bear crawled down the hill, and then mosied back to the benches. Repeated OYO until you have 10 reps of the first exercise and 30 reps of the second exercise for a total of 40 reps. PAX completed dips and merkins for Round 1.  Rinsed and repeated with step-ups and squats with lunges up and down the hill instead of bear crawls.

Charles Bronson
Three shovel flags were used. One shovel flag at the start, second shovel flag 100 yards out, and third flag 10 yards out from second flag.  PAX performed 50 SSHs at starting point, sprinted to second flag, army crawled to third flag, and then mosied back to starting point.  Rinsed and repeated 50 reps each of Carolina dry docks, burpees, LBCs, and jump squats.

Leg Wrecker
Two flags were placed 25 yards apart.  PAX split into 2 groups with Group 1 at 1st flag and Group 2 at 2nd flag. Group 1 performed Lt. Dan’s until they reach Group 2.  Group 2 holds Al Gore.  Upon arrival, Group 1 holds Al Gore while Group 2 performs Lt. Dan’2.  PAX performed in reverse half-way through.  Rinsed and repeated until time for Mary.

Hands of Time x 24 rounds
Box Cutters IC x 15 (fast and slow count)
Hello Dollies IC x 15 (fast and slow count)
Dealer’s Choice [F150 chose ABCs (Omaha’d by the group to Lower Case ABCs), but apparently The Levee AO does them OYO….who does that??? So, Shoestring showed him how IC works]



COT / BOM: QIC discussed a podcast by Chuck Swindoll called “One of Those Upper-Downer Days” ( his mother shared with him (ironic with all the upping and downing during this workout).  Q discussed that while upper days are something we all look forward to and downer days are not, we should take heed the lessons learned from those downer days to correct and grow in our walk with the Lord and our walk with fellow man.  Without the downer days, one cannot grow.  Instead of focusing on the bad, look towards the positive and trust in the Lord.

MOLESKIN: PAX warmed up quickly and put work in melting the frost at The Mothership. PAX were reminded to take advantage of the downer days and see them as opportunities and not defeats.