October 4, 2018

Upper Body Deck of Cards

The weather was 72 degrees, really clear with dew all over everything, mosquitos super thick and everyone looked gloomy.
Lets start by getting the heart rate up a little, for 5 min throw the frisbee and case it. Once it lands bear crawl the rest of the way to it.
Prison Squats – 15 IC
Windwill – 15 IC
Big Boy Arm Circles – 15 IC each direction with a pause in the middle to get bug wipes from the vehicles
Time for an upper body workout with a poorly shuffled deck of cards. Note to everyone, shuffle the deck and do not let Tiger Lily shuffle the deck. He drew J-6 of spades in almost sequential order. Additionally, it was noted that the 2.0s had messed with the deck so there were a couple extra cards but the total number was the same (an 8 was replaced with a 5 and 3)
  • Spade = Big Boy Sit-Ups – IC
  • Hearts =  Dips on the curb – IC
  • Clubs = Merkins – IC
  • Diamonds = Row on the swing set – IC
  • Joker = 15 Burpees OYO

Note: Since each movement was a 2 for 1, there was not enough time and at 6:15, we were 9 card short of finishing the deck, but both Jokers were already completed.

Aint nobody got time for that

Total of 4 PAX Count – Ace Ventura, Short Timer, Soulja Boy & Tiger Lily

Quick discussion with the PAX on the thought of being complacent and not continuing to move forward and grow. This includes all aspects of our lives (physical, emotional, spiritual, etc.).