October 28, 2019

(Underwater) Bearcrawl Freeze Tag

THE SCENE: Literal downpour. Could not see 50 feet in front of my car on the drive over. YHC pulled up at 5:28, to multiple cars in the parking lot (surprising), and three more cars pulled in right after me (more surprising)

SSH 25x IC, Imperial Walkers 15x IC, Run to far end of field and back to shake out shoulders (so we weren’t just standing in the rain doing arm circles)
Bearcrawl Freeze Tag: Boundaries were the sides of the 6 yard box, out to the top of the 18 yard box. One person is “it” and attempts to tag the remaining PAX. Since we do not stop moving during an F3 workout, exercises were substituted for each round, in place of “freezing.” Once tagged, exercise was done, until the end of that round.

Exercises: Merkins, BBSU, Squats, Burpees, Mountain Climbers, Bonnie Blairs, Burpees

After everyone had been “it” for one round, split up into two teams, and had a relay race. Bearcrawl to 18 yard box and back (all team members), farmer carry 2 CMU to midfield and back (all), sprint full length of field and back. First team all-in, wins. 10 penalty burpees for the losers, 9 celebratory/victory burpees for the winners.

Freddie Mercury  20x IC, Rosita  20x IC, Boat/Canoe (until Steinbrenner decided it was enough), LBC 20x IC
7 PAX: Lochte (QIC), Halpert (AOQ), Pablo, C-Lo, Sideline, Steinbrenner, Snowman
From PeeWee’s Big Adventure: “Everyone I know has a big ‘but’….let’s talk about your big ‘but.'”

In work, at home, and at F3, our “but” is whatever is holding us back from achieving our goals. YHC challenged everyone to push past any perceived hindrances that are keeping them from succeeding.
This workout was way more exhausting than I expected it to be, when I planned it out. We had to do a mosey down and back after every two rounds, to let everyone catch their breath. That said, this was about as much fun as I’ve had at a workout. The added element of competition caused all of us to push a little further than we otherwise might have, had we just been doing bear crawls and exercises.

This was an incredibly fast group of bear crawlers! I’m glad we kept the area relatively small, or it would have been very difficult to catch some of these guys.

T-Claps to all of these guys who showed up in the pouring rain, on the weekend, to get a workout in. It was the group of guys that made it a success.