January 28, 2021


T’was a brisk morning.  Right at freezing.

Warmed up with the motivator, then a quick sprint to do some  archer merkins, and a quick sprint back to do some explosive merkins.  Then a round of imperial walkers and daisy pickers then we were off under the hill.  Moseyed down the river walk and found one of the sets of stairs was mostly demolished.  Went all the way down to Beale St. then back towards the hill at the landing.  There we did a countdown from 10 of side straddle hops, merkins, squats, sit-sups ,then overhead claps.  Then was legs: 25 squats, 30 lunges, 1 min wall sit, 35 sumo squats, 35 leg raises, 25 squats. Arms were next: 15 Merks, 25 dips, 1 min plank, 25 dips, 15 merks.  Lastly abs: 1 min plank, 20 freddy mercury, 40sec right side plank, 20 freddy mercury, 40sec left side plank, and 20 reverse crunches.  Moseyed back to start X and times up.

Talked about trying to improve yourself everyday: become more observant, collect ideas, read a lot, analyze your day, and start writing.  These items will help you to stay focused and on track.  It also helps to get out of your comfort zone and get a push from you brothers to stay the course.  We all should be willing to do that for one another.

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