December 2, 2017

Ultimate Frisbee @ Bootcamp

AO: The Mothership

QIC: Granola

PAX: 8 PAX (1 merlot splasher, 1 was made to bleed their own blood): Tiny, Soybean, Slots, Captain Obvious, Leonardo, Slicnut, Granola, Phat Pat (peanut gallery & paparazzi)

Conditions: A fantastic 43F


– Side Straddle Hop 10x IC
– Cross jacks 10x IC
– Shoulder Circles 10x IC (forward & backward)
– Imperial walkers 10x IC
– Cotton pickers 10x IC

Ultimate Frisbee Bootcamp
Standard Ultimate Frisbee rules
2 burpees for everyone any time the frisbee hit the ground
Victors determined the vanquished’s walk of shame, which included, but was by no means limited to:
– Bear crawls
– Crawl bears
– Butt kickers
– Side shuffle
– Lunges
– Crab walk ↓

– Crab walk II (low squat walk with cherry pickers)
– High knees
– Side crab ↓

– Frog jumps
– Backward mosey
– Deon Sanders (awkward heel kick march)↓

Each PAX gave a 10 count until all PAX had counted for each of these exercises
– Plank
– Boat pose
– Superman
– Flutter kicks (YHC fumbled this, some did box cutters, which was what was said, but not intended) 10-ish IC


Circle Of Trust
YHC encouraged the PAX to confront a fear and enlist help to conquer it. There’s something special about the PAX–a group of men who are constantly pushing themselves and others to get better. YHC shared about his fear of needles and his plan to punch that fear in the face by:
– Donating blood next Friday
– Watching videos of others donating blood
– Enlisting DFQ-accountability at the blood drive

Prayers offered for
– Tiny’s mom’s health and family support
– Leonardo’s family
– Teacher’s Pet’s cousin

– Having everyone complete 2 burpees for each drop fostered some sweet passes, mind-blowing interceptions, general fitness, and some merlot splashing. It was just the right amount for turnover transitions because of the pressure to complete and resume play before the nearby opponent. One burpee would have been too easy. Two burpees were just enough to stagger each player’s return to play. We got to the point where we didn’t care who caught the frisbee, just as long as someone caught it.
– The determination of the walk of shame exercises could have been smoother. Next time YHC will provide a list of recommended exercises to choose from at each end zone to expedite that process.
– The only thing YHC would change would be to have the victors hold a static position (plank, Al Gores, hollowbody, handstand, etc) until the vanquished complete their walk of shame.
– Overall, YHC was very pleased with how it turned out. It will definitely make a return sometime.