February 27, 2018

Two Quarter Pounders with Cheese Please

THE SCENE: A cool 42F at the Annexed Turd Fergueson Park – baseball field was soggy.

Daisy Pickers IC X 20 (thank you Co-Q PhP for the inspiration)
Windmills IC X 15
Tempo Jump Squat IC X 15
Time to Grab some cheese (2 bricks – 1 for each hand)
Apollo OH NO! with Cheese – IC X 15
SSH with a side of cheese IC X 15
Squat Kicks with Cheese IC X 15

Quarter Pounder with Cheese
25 yard sprint – 25 Merkins – Run backwards to start line
50 yard sprint – 50 Squats – Run backwards to start line
75 yard sprint – 75 Mountain Climbers – Run backwards to start line
100 yard sprint – 100 SSH – Run backwards to start line

Pax was still hungry so they ordered another Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

Rinse and repeat

Crawl 100
25 yard Bear Crawl
25 yard Crawl Bear
25 yard Crab Crawl
25 yard Army Crawl

Box Cutters IC X 15
Flutter Kicks IC X 15
Side Plank hold 30 sec both sides
Hello Dolly IC X 15

13 PAX (0 FNG) Phat Pat (Co-Q), Captian Obvious, Cow Bell, Moana, Back Seat, Anklet, Choker, Wood Pecker, Orange Julius, Bombay, Snowman, Slicnut, and Slots

Romans 13:8-14 Love your neighbor.  Paul talks about a debt or obligation that is never fully paid.  We owe it to our neighbor to love them as Christ loves us.  When is the job of loving one another complete?  Never.   Think about that Co-worker or neighbor that is hard to love.  Jesus said that it is your responsibility and your debt to pay that love to those people.

After what we assumed to be a concession from Slots on groupme to the naming of the AO “the Turd”, we were met with much resistance and disdain.  The AOQ is set in his ways on the Annex.  Although this makes no sense, the t-shirt would be more wearable to Church events and family gatherings with “The Annex” on it rather than “The Turd”.  I appreciate the wisdom in this decision but to some of us it will always be “The Turd”.

P.S. Millenials will not know what I am talking about but, writing the Moleskin makes me feel like the end of every episode of Dougie Howser, MD.
Check it out here https://youtu.be/N1WnfMFUqWQ

Service Project Saturday AM after BC – Location Sea Isle Park Neighborhood.  Love your Neighbor opportunity