January 4, 2020

Two-ey for Dewey! (2nd F3versary)

Mid 55s and “lightly” raining as we arrived.  Some PAX were hopeful for a visit to the parking garage to stay out of the rain. They were disappointed.


20 x SSH (IC)

10 x Imperial Walkers (IC)

10 x Hillbillies (IC)

10 x Daisy Pickers (IC)

15 secs of free stretching

Mosey lap around track including approx. 100 yds of buttkickers (ouch) and 100 yds of high knees


Merkin Mile  +™

Like a good ol’ fashioned merkin mile, but now WITH MORE! A regular merkin mile is a mile run with 25 merkins every quarter-mile.

The Merkin Mile +™ adds in an additional exercise each quarter-mile, building upon the last. Here’s what it looked like:

  • Run 1/4 mile (1 lap around track), 25 merkins
  • Run another 1/4 mile, 25 merkins, 25 squats
  • Run another 1/4, 25 merkins, 25 squats, 25 BBSUs
  • Run another 1/4, 25 merkins, 25 squats, 25 BBSUs, 25 Bobby Hurleys

1 mile was completed along with a total of 100 merkins, 75 squats, 50 BBSUs and 25 Bobby Hurleys. NEAT! Another added twist to the Merkin Mile +™ is that the PAX executed the routine in pairs. On each quarter-mile lap the each PAX and his partner took turns setting the pace. This way each PAX had someone running with him along the entire way and encouraged the PAX to push one another.

2 Year F3versary Run

Similar to a “slingshot” or otherwise-named run, in which the PAX run in a single line and the PAX at the back of the line sprints to front, ad infinitum. However when your (or my) second F3versay all PAX must complete 2 burpees before sprinting to the front of the line. IT’S A TRADITION!! Also, in the interest of thematic appropriateness we completed 2 (count ’em) laps around the track during this routine and each PAX got to do the whole 2 burpee and sprint thing TWICE (what are the odds? 😨)


Ever heard of ’em? We did 4 runs down the 100 yd stretch of the track. For the first 2 we sprinted to the tower and moseyed the remainder. For the last 2 we moseyed to the tower and sprinted the remainder. A “good” time was had by all. By the end of 4th round Bookworm was sprawled out on the track which coincidentally and inadvertently indicated it was time for:


25 x American Hammers (IC)

10 x Box Cutters (IC)

At this point, I passed along the “opportunity” for the other PAX to lead a Mary exercise of their choosing, by calling on them at random and with no prior warning. I was also was quite exhausted myself at this point and, as such, am having difficulty remembering the names and rep counts of the exercises my fellow PAX choose. All that were present had the opportunity to lead. I remember that Bookworm did “Hello Dollies” and Altar did “LBCs” (I think). I apologize for my failure to take better mental notes. If you’re reading this and remember anything else that happened during this time, HIT ME UP IN THE COMMENTS! If you’re not reading this, well…I guess I can say whatever I want and it won’t matter to you! HORNSWOGGLING MARMALADE MUNCHERS!

11 PAX – 8 from the get-go and 3 that arrived during COT after a run from the Bullseye.


I started F3 two years ago on this day. It has changed my life.  On a dark and significantly colder (about 45 degrees colder). Bookworm had been subtly EHing me for a few months. He didn’t fully explain how much of a cult I was walking into, or how difficult the bootcamps were. But I was intimidated. Probably even more intimidated to go back a second time after how hard the first one was.

Even today I was intimidated. I’ve grown in my comfort level with f3, but running has been one of my weakest points ever since I started.  I’ve found with f3, it’s not about getting fancy, it’s mostly about just showing up. Pushing yourself when you know you could just give up. I chose for the first part of THA-THANG to be completed in pairs to remind us that we’re not alone. Even when don’t feel like it, we have brothers who can help us, and that we can offer help to when they are feeling weak.

I want to grow in 2nd F and 3rd F this year. Was challenged by Soybean’s urge for us to make habits and not just resolutions, trying to figure out how to make habits that lead to richer community and faith

Just really grateful for F3 and the ways it has grown me. Especially thankful for the community it’s provided me. Excited to see what the next 2 years bring!

Can’t say that there were any (cause there weren’t)

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