April 3, 2018


AO:  The Sandlot

QIC:  Toms

THE SCENE:   70* and not a rain drop in sight.  Sweatin’ weather.



Mosey to end of street.  SSH x 15 IC.  Woodpecker almost got clipped by a speeding car.  Mosey back.

Hillbillies x 15 IC

Daisy Pickers x 15 IC

Arm Circles x 15 IC.  Reverse x 15 IC.

Grab a CMU and mosey to field.


Split into two groups–those with CMUs and those without.  CMU group does shoulder presses x 15 OYO and merkins x 15 OYO.  Non-CMU group flips tractor tires down to the far side of the field until they are relieved by the CMU group.  (3 PAX per tire, rotating on and off with remainder PAX doing burpees.) Sprint between stations, rinse and repeat until QIC deems fit (we completed 5 or so rounds).

Bear-blocks and burpees.  Half the PAX lines up with a CMU at end of field.  Other half lines up at furthest tractor tire.  CMU group bear-blocks (bear crawl and pull CMU) to non-CMU partner who is performing burpees.  Switch.  Once complete, each PAX lunge walks back to original position.  Rinse and repeat.

Time to put the tires back, so one group does burpees while the other group puts the tires back.

Mosey to return CMUs (many of which are now broken).

Wall sit for 30 count.

Balls to wall as parallel to the wall as you can.  Handstand pushups x 5 OYO.


Flutter kick circuit.  On back, flutterkicks x 15 IC.  Raise legs to 45 degrees, flutterkicks x 15 IC.  Back at 45 degrees (iron cross for the studs), flutterkicks (6 inches) x 15 IC.  Raise legs to 45 degrees (back still at 45 degrees), flutterkicks x 15 IC.

American Hammer x 10 IC.

Hollywood Side Crunch x 10 IC.  Flap jack.


14 PAX.  Sir Mix a Lot, Four Eyes, Costello, Bookworm, Mmmbop, G-string (Willy Loman from Murfreesboro), Woodpecker, Iditarod (Willy Loman from Murfreesboro), NPR (Willy Loman from Murfreesboro), Long Relief (Willy Loman from Murfreesboro), Soybean, Crayfish, Father Abraham, Toms.


YHC has been struggling a lot lately, and that struggle has manifested in humbling conviction that he tends to serve money and its promise of “security” more than he serves his creator.  Comfort is not the pursuit of a HIM, yet comfort is often praised “security” while sacrifice is often dismissed as negligence.  At best, it seems an acceptable practice to give a nod to those stepping into the unknown only to close our garages, lock our doors, and say “good for them, but it’s not for me.”  YHC is the worst offender.  YHC read the PAX the following quote from John Piper:

For every man who fails his family in the path of obedience to God’s call, I would guess there are probably a thousand men who failed their family by keeping them safe in the path of prosperity.

YHC encouraged the PAX to not be fooled by the illusion of security and safety, particularly as it relates to money.  Money will let you down.  Our hope has to be in something greater.

Prayers for MLK 50 and our city.  The attempted suicide (or possibly indirect cry for help) of a Visible School student and the implications for Sir Mix A Lot.  Soybean’s mom’s upcoming chemo and testing.  Individual at Warrior’s Center who was in a wreck and may lose a couple fingers.  Individual at Warrior’s Center who recently lost his mom to cancer.


4 Willy Lomans in town for MLK 50 was a great encouragement.  Enjoyed having the extra bodies and the work they put in.

Nothing beats a heavy tractor tire.