January 3, 2018

Turk-burp Poker

AO: The Levee




PAX:  Slicnut, Woody, Rabbit, Bootheel, Meter Maid, C-lo | FNG: Dodgeball


Conditions: 21 degrees and chilly with slight overcast with full moon






Side Straddle hop x 25 IC

Cherry Pickers x 25 IC

Merkins x 20 IC

Arm Circles 20 forward 30 backwards


The Thang


Mosey to Concession stand near baseball fields


Deck of Death-

Suit is an exercise:

Club: Burpee

Diamond: Turk-Burp

Spade: Absolution

Hearts: Merkin


Ace= 14

King = 13

Queen = 12

Jack = 11

Numbers 10-6

5 Gorilla Walk

4 Bear Crawl

3 Sprint

2 Walk


Exercises Performed:

6: Turk-Burps

10: Merkins

6: Burpees

10: Burpees

Sprint to parking lot and back

9: Turk-burps

Bear Crawl to parking lot

10: Burpees

7: Absolutions

Bear Crawl to parking lot

5: Merkins

7: Burpees

Gorilla Walk to parking lot

14: Turk-burps

Bear Crawl to parking lot

Walk to parking lot

9: Burpees

13: Turk-burps

11: Burpees

Walk to parking lot

8: Absolutions

7: Turk-burps


Mosey back to Flag



Flutter Kicks 21 IC variable

Weezy Jefferson 20 IC (legs raised to 90 degrees, lower legs quickly toward ground) variable

Donkey Kicks 10 OYO

Protractor (Q calls out various angles to hold legs out Q may call splits)





COT / BOM: Mark 2:1-12 – Story of the paralyzed man had 4 friends that took him to Jesus. The men had the faith that Jesus could heal there friend. The house was full and they could have just said that there were too many people and their friend would have been happy but they did not stop.  The 4 friends removed any and all the barriers so that their friend could see Jesus to get healed. Challenge for the day is whose mat are you holding to further them along? If you do not have anyone to hold their mat find someone and help them to find their miracle. Prayer request: Rabbits family illness, Tiny’s mom, Bruce’s wife, Pop’s hamstring, and Scrooge’s calf.



MOLESKIN: For the most part left our workout to the cards. Just turned out that the workout was mostly Turk-burps and burpees which is alright by me because they only make us better.  Introduced some new exercises for mary: Wezzy Jeffersons are great in a variable cadence, Protractor is great to get a good stretch in at the end.