October 19, 2020

Tuesday Liftin @ The Armory – 10/13


49 Degrees and clear.  Darn near perfect for a workout.



Done.  5 Core Principles were covered but the group struggled to come up with all of them.



Motivators – down from 6

Daisey Pickers IC x 12

Imperial Walkers IC x 12

Arm Circles IC x 10 frontwards and backwards

Michael Phelps IC x 12



Started with a mosey from Startex – around the lake and back to Startex.  Stopped ½ way around and did 25 Tempo Squats IC.

Circuit Weight Training – Exercises below and equipment put in successive parking spots.  Each man chose a spot.  AMRAP 45 seconds / 20 second rest while you move to the next spot.

  • Blockees
  • Bent Over Row
  • Jumprope
  • Lunges with weights
  • Bench Press – 30# dumbbell
  • CMU Thruster
  • Lateral raises (12-15# dumbbells)
  • Sandbag Toss (60# bag) – squat, pickup and throw bag in front of you
  • Curls
  • Squats with Weight

After 1 round of exercises, the PAX then moseyed around the lake.  Stopped ½ way around and did 25 Tempo Squats IC.

Repeated Circuit Weight Training for another round.

Sprints – Walked to top of hill at park entrance.  PAX sprinted down the hill to end of parking lot (~75 yards).  Repeated back to top of hill – challenged PAX that person finishing last would do 5 penalty burpees.  PAX went hard so we all did 5 burpees together (cause that’s what we do).



No time



You can’t finish what you don’t start.  Many of us look to have all the answers before starting an initiative, project, etc.  I find I often want to have it all figured out prior to getting started.  Sometimes you just have to jump in and get started, knowing you might not have it perfectly mapped out, but you will figure it out.



I love the weight workouts at the Armory.  I think it brings a nice change of pace to our normal bootcamp style workouts.  Sandbags suck and are great at the same time…there may not be a better, more versatile piece of workout equipment.  Man, I sure was happy when LaZBoy and Gas Mask showed up…..unloading and loading all of the weights from my truck by myself would have sucked!!  Plus, they crushed this workout.


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