November 9, 2017

Trip to Sonic

DATE: Thursday, 11/9/17

AO: The Berm

QIC: Phat Pat

PAX: Soybean, Bruce, Ozark, Lil Nicky, Toms, Outcast, Big Al, Popstar, Shoestring, Snooki, Chaperone, C-Lo, Papercut, Lipton, Geppetto, Shy Guy

Conditions: Clear and brisk, 40F, and Flagful (thank you Ruck crew!)



25 Side Straddle Hops

20 Slow Squats

20 Arm Circles

20 Reverse Arm Circles

15 Modified Burpees (in cadence)

Slow Mosey around the Old Folks Party Crib


Texas Sized Onion Rings

Partner wheel barrel around the Old Folks Party Crib, trade off as needed (Al Gore until the 6)

Route 44 Partner Workout
88 Merkins

88 Rows (with pavers)

88 Overhead Squats (with pavers)

88 Burpees

PAX 1 performs exercise while PAX 2 moseys down the berm and then reverse Bear Crawl back up the berm. Once all exercises are complete Al Gore with paver until the 6.

Eat in the Car

Wall Sit and perform the following exercises with paver:

-30 Tater Tot Curls

-30 Flag the Car Hop Overhead Presses

-30 Burger Eating Arm Extensions


After several bad decisions at Sonic we needed some forgiveness…

30 Absolutions OYO (8 count exercise – start in plank position, “1” jump feet in, “2” jump feet out, “3” left elbow down, “4” right elbow down, “5” legs out, “6” legs in, “7” left hand back at plank, “8” right hand back at plank) – that’s one. Rinse with your tears and repeat.



COT / BOM: Q shared that a life well lived is one lived for the sake of others, whether you are a Christ follower (hopefully) or not. Mocked a woman who “married herself” and then 6 months later realized she needed to cheat on herself to date a man. Don’t be a fool, be a HIM. Living for yourself is insufficient and unfulfilling.

MOLESKIN: 17 PAX showed up for the trip to Sonic. Phat Pat wore traditional Sonic garb. Workout theme credited to text from Soybean last night. More than one PAX noticed Gus has skipped both of Phat Pat’s Q’s. Is he scared? Thoughts to ponder…