June 17, 2019

Trilogy Q: Beginnings

THE SCENE: Calm and relatively cool morning. PAX rolling in right at 5:30 am.  A movie themed playlist ready to motivate you through the Boot Camp.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Yes, “Star Wars” theme song was playing in the background. 

All exercises completed In Cadence: 30-SSH, 10- Daisy Pickers, BURPEES – 5*, 10 Little Baby Arm Circles, 30 seconds free stretch.

The underlying theme was completing 5 Burpees every 3 minutes for the remainder of the workout.

Moseyed to playground where PAX split up into partners to complete 10-Pull-ups while partner LBC’s, then switch. After Pull-ups are complete, partners then moved to 10-Chin ups. Then, rinse and repeat.

Moseyed back to parking lot for some Dora. 50-Jack Webbs, 200 – Carolina Dry Docks, 300-Over head claps. The exploring partner ran to the end of the parking lot and completed 10 shoulder blasters.

After Dora, a quick wheel of Merkins was completed on the curb. 10 of each Ierkins, Merkins with Right  hand on curb, Merkins with left hand on curb, and Derkins.

Then,  PAX bear-crawled to the flag and did 2 rounds of Shoulder Blasters (10 each Thumbs up, thumbs down, thumbs pointing at lower back).


20 Dying Cockroaches, 15 (each side) Hollywood Side Crunches, 10 LOL’s each side.



YHC discussed the thought “What parts of your life would be the climax of a movie? What parts would be the replicable pieces that would draw an audience in?” YHC challenged the PAX to think through ways they could write the script for those moments in their life. What are the things we could do to make an impact and what parts of our life would we hope to see in a movie.

Keeping the time on the burpees was more difficult than expected. For the next time, YHC will ask for another PAX to assist in keeping a 3 minute timer on his watch.

Trilogy Q : Revenge of the Burpee is tomorrow at The Sandlot.