October 19, 2018

Tried to EH a crossfitter & we all paid the price

    • Nippy 47*
    • Welcomed & disclaimed
    • 10x IC Crossjacks
    • 10x IC plank jacks
    • 10x IC SSH
    • Crossfit Open WOD 18.2 – Ascending ladder to 10: burpees & team squatting a picnic table (F3 Mod for 2x 50# dumbbells/PAX)
    • Crossfit WOD: “Chelsea” Every Minute On the Minute (EMOM) for 30 minutes:
      • 5 Pull-ups
      • 10 Push-ups
      • 15 Squats
  • MARY:
    • NOPE!
    • 4 PAX (0 FNGs): Zima, Mr. Wonderful, Fugitive, Granola
    • I haven’t had time to submit a reflection on GrowRuck12 until now. The PAX were gracious with my tedious recounting of the Crab Mountain evolution.
    • Crab mountain was fun, until it wasn’t. I quickly made it halfway up the hill before remembering what happened the last time I took off like this in a challenge. The MLK Light cadre had us “sprint” to a hill and back. Once I made it back, he asked me why I had abandoned the 6. I gained absolutely nothing in taking off like how I did. I ended up having to complete the sprint evolution twice, since he sent me back for the 6. That was a painful lesson I didn’t want to repeat. So, I went back down crab mountain–sometimes controlled, mostly tumbling backwards–to do what I could to help the 6. Long story short, I wasn’t able to help and ended up needing to be rescued myself. Here’s a picture O Positive took of me on Crab Mountain (or maybe of me on the log):
      Related image
    • That evolution taught me a few things:
      1. Life is a team sport: The 6 needed help. I needed help. Without help, we would probably still be out there.
      2. There’s more than one way to watch the 6: Undisputedly, what saved many of us on Crab Mountain was that some HIMs decided to summit the mountain, drop their rucks, and go back biped-style to help some weary crabs. That strategy was much more helpful than what I tried to do.
      3. My preparation/training is not about me: It became abundantly clear to me that, at best, I was barely capable of taking care of my own needs and at worst, I was a burden on the team. Training hard enough to not be a liability is one thing, training hard enough to be an asset was another. I had done neither. I arrogantly thought I could just waltz in and do things I hadn’t trained for in months. Of course, with 51 HIMs, this impact was negligible, but the lesson was memorable. Don’t just train to survive, train to serve.
    • I thought running a few WODs might help me EH a crossfitter. I was wrong, he didn’t show up, and we all suffered for it.
    • “Chelsea” is no joke. I would like to do this again sometime.
    • I like how, as far as I know, there isn’t an F3 name for pull-ups. I imagine any attempt would go something like this:
      • F3: “Hey, pull-ups, let’s call you ‘Upsy-Daisies!'” LOLOL
      • Pull-ups: “No.”
      • F3: “Cool. Cool. Ok… Pull-ups it is.”
    • It was good to meet Fugitive and to see Zima again. Not sure how Mr. Wonderful felt about leaving the Morg or about being my friend, but the Crave nitro brew was awesome!