May 31, 2019

Track and Tower

THE SCENE: High 60s.  Banana moon.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Sufficiently uttered.


SSH x 30 IC
Squats x 15 IC
Stretch what ails you
400M jog
100M butt-kickers
100M high-knees
100M Caraoca facing in
100M Caracoa facing out


1600M sprinting the straights and recovery jog on the curves

Head to the parking garage for full ladder.  Up one level, back down, up two levels, back down, etc.  Push on the way up, recover on the way down.

First finishers sprinted up / recovered down the first ramp a couple of times.


Flutterkicks x 50 OYO

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:  16 PAX (1 FNG).  MIB, Doc Hollywood, Chioccetti, Early Bird, Easily Amused, Altar Boy, Mulligan, Petunia (FNG), Gus, Teacher’s Pet, Squeegee, Toms (QIC), Dewey, Ricky Bobby, Lodge, Shoestring

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:  Sometimes even good information can clutter an already noisy life.  Sky Q does good work when we get still and quiet.

MOLESKIN:   This was a good morning.  Altar Boy was gracious enough to test our preparation.  Always enjoy running around at the Barracks.  It’s still the best AO around.