April 16, 2019

Tour de Lot

THE SCENE: 54 Degrees, Dry, with a scent of Moth Balls.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Check. Although Gus (Nantan) corrected my language during disclaimer. He prefers to use the word DIRECTION instead of SUGGESTION as he DIRECTED to me instead of SUGGESTING the change.

(All Exercises In Cadence unless otherwise noted) SSH-30, Soulja Boy Shuffle (aka 123 touch the deck)-10, Imperial Walkers-10, Hill Billies-10, Daisy Pickers-10, Monkey Humpers OYO-30.

THA-THANG: (done with a playlist)
First, we stayed in the parking lot and partnered up to complete 10 yards of Shop Vac Merkins. Then, we completed 40 yards of Burpee Dans (finishing off the number from Jail Bait’s Q on yesterday). We started with 4 for one 40 yard length, then switched to 3 for the way back.

Next, PAX moseyed to the billboard on Central and completed 41 pull ups (April Arms). Toms’ and Shoestring’s moseys to the music were inspiring. During Pull ups, so many PAX complained about their how their fingers hurt… maybe PAX needs a February Fingers #suggestionnotdirection. PAX Boat/Canoed (crunchy frog) until all in. YHC led Boat/Canoe.

Then, PAX moseyed to Rugby field to complete 10 Absolutions. Hold Plank till all in. YHC asked Crayfish for a 10-count. He counts quickly. PAX then ran across the Rugby Field to the Skate Park.

At the Skate Park, PAX completed 41 Dips, then PAX moved to the pool for ABC’s, LOL’s – 10, and LBC’s -25.

Finally, PAX moseyed back to parking lot.

Shoulder Taps (led by Four Eyes), Boat/Canoes, American Hammers (led by Shoestring)-30, and 24 Flutter Kicks (completed during Toto’s Africa).

13 PAX (1 Willy Lowman – Incognito)

YHC talked about Jesus’ arrest and the account in the Gospel of Matthew. The chief priest had to wait to arrest Jesus, because he was afraid to do it in front of the crowd. When you read more about the arrest, you see that Jesus was arrested when he was in community in the garden. But, Jesus’ community was not on mission with him. They were sleeping while he was praying.

YHC discussed the importance of community/accountability, but it must be with those who understand your mission and the will of God.

The Sandlot is the best AO IMO with a great group of HIM to workout with. I am honored to get a chance to be led by and lead these HIM at this AO!

The billboard does hurt your fingers when you do 41 pull ups.