October 18, 2018

Tour de Gaisman

THE SCENE: Chilly 50 degrees at first.  Then layers started being shed

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Disclaimed and done

SSH IC x30
Daisy Pickers x30
SSH IC x20
Merkins x20
SSH IC x10

Pax moseyed around the unknown official mileage of the track at Gaisman Park.  YHC wanted to show off the beautiful features of the park including 3 fully lit baseball fields that also have soccer goals, tennis court, pool, playground, running track(not a mile), and a memorial to those who served in Vietnam. To make sure the pax got the full experience we did the following:

Merkin Mile: Every quarter mile, stop to perform 25 merkins on YHC count. (100 total)
Squat Mile: Every quarter mile, stop to perform 25 squats IC. (200 total)
BBS Mile: Every quarter mile, stop to perform 25 big boy situps OYO. (100 total)

We finished the very last set of 25 at exactly 6:15.  YHC has impeccable timing.

6 pax: Shoestring(YHC), Squeegee, FourEyes, Bookworm, Mothballs, Park Bench

YHC was in Puerto Rico the last week with my mom.  One of the things I learned was to be content and have joy where the Lord has me.  I can see how at 68 years old, my mom still doesn’t know what is next and what is her purpose or where her joy will be found. It was a reminder for me to find joy where the Lord currently has me.  He has a plan and that is for my good and His glory.  I can be ok with not seeing every inch of the plan but knowing that God cares for me and wants the best for me.  He wants more for me than I want for myself so I can rest that He is in control and find joy and comfort in that.

Squeegee celebrating an anniversary today!!  TCLAPS to him and his wife!!  Mothballs is getting hitched on Saturday!!  TCLAPS to getting married and entering a new season of life!  Praise God for that!