January 9, 2019

Tour de Berm

THE SCENE:   YHC left his shemagh at home and didn’t feel much like a special forces HIM, ugh.  38 degrees a full 20 degrees lower than yesterday.  Photoshop said he was excited about it feeling like January.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:   Disclaimed.  Apologies for the double weekly q from YHC, not how we do things in F3 a violation of the 4rth principle and the mission to ‘grow male community leadership’.  Also, introduced the ‘recover’ command that was utilized the entirety of the workout.

WARM-O-RAMA:    SSH x 10 IC, Merkins x 10 IC, Balls to the Wall (30 secs) IC, 1 lap around

Mosey to the track.  PAX informed that we would be touring the AO stopping at various spots to conduct various movements to showcase some possible AO resources to be utilized in future q’s.  Indian Run along the track to 6 Stops/stations.

  • Stop 1:  “Hillock” – Bear Crawl to the top, Monkey Humpers x 10, Tuck and Roll down.
  • Stop 2: “Playground” – Monkey Bars across and back (w/o touching the ground), Box Jumps x 10, Derkins x 10, Dips x 10.
  • Stop 3: “Notasportfield” – lined up along goal post, Burpees x 10 IC, all out sprint to other end, Squats x 10 IC, all out sprint across.
  • Stop 4: “Chin-up Bars” – Chin-ups x 10, Step ups x 10
  • Stop 5: “Pavers” – CMU work; Curls x 10 IC, Overhead presses x 10 IC, Rows x 10 IC
  • Stop 6: “Parking lot” – 4 corner AMRAPS x 1 minute each station; Jump squats, Lunges, Carolina Dry Docks, Merkins

ABC’s IC, Guantanomo Bay x 2, Dying Cockroach x 15 IC

9 PAX, 0 FNGs:  Lil’ Nicky, Gus, Interweb, Photoshop, Souljaboy, Yardsale, 9 Volt, Malco, Tomb Raider
A question:  How do we Do The Hard Thing (DTHT) in our concentrica (M, 2.0’s, close friends, family)?    How does F3 translate to the concentrica?

No answers here only ponderances.  However, this is a question we must continue to ask ourselves.  Is it the tangable acts of service to our wives, family, kids, friends?  Its going to look different for each man but part of it boils down to living for others.  I believe the intangile is hard for us men.  Hard to quantify the ‘results’.  When you end the BC workout you can say; ‘wow, we did 200 merkins, 150 burpees and ran 2 miles”.  Hard to quantify the daily contributions you made as a leader in your concentrica.

I challenge us all to evaluate the effort we put into our concentrica.  Did you call your friend who just lost his father (prayers be with you Streaker)?  Have you kissed your M today, told her she’s beautiful?  Have you played outside with your 2.0’s?  Did you remind your girls that they are smart, pretty, and worthy?  Have you called your mother recently (it would have been my fathers birthday yesterday, I failed to call my mom who I’m sure had a tough day)?  Hmmm.

DTHT in your Concentrica.  Invest in the Kingdom and the legacy you leave.

I’d like to see more Tour de AO’s advertised so that those of us who would like to q other locals could come and find out what each offers and the amazing PAX who inhabit them.

To reiterate, I took the q helm Monday since we did not have the slot filled in advance.  Therefore, this was my second q of the week.  Again, not how we do things in F3.  Help your AO Q out and volunteer to q if you haven’t done so in the past two weeks.  This is healthy for individual leadership growth and is necessary for the growth of the AO.  Push those vQs.  Also, a great way of EHing your sadclown friends by guilt tripping them into posting at your workouts.

Equinox Challenge, Whetstone discipleship program, Wednesday Bible Study at Einstein Brothers on Popular 0630-0730,  Q-source lunch led by O Positive at Whole Foods 1130 Fridays on Popular, and make a point to hang out for 5+ minutes after the workout and get to know your brothers.

Prayer requests for Photoshops brother who underwent surgery, a young man named Nick recovering from a horrible car wreck, Streaker and family for the loss of his father, and Digits’ family (FIA member, Lexington, SC) who was killed prior to Christmas.