February 22, 2019

Tortoise and the Hare BOMBS at the MORG

THE SCENE: 40s and wet… really wet. Because rain. Because rain is wet.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: provided… and then provided again when Granola and Mr. Wonderful ran up (for their SECOND POST OF THE DAY)


SSH x20
Imperial Walkers x20
Daisy Pickers x20
Stretch – down, right, left


As I was researching possible workouts, I came across this entry on the Exicon for “Tortoise and the Hare BOMBS”… I was intrigued to say the least. It suggested using a Ruck, but I figured CMUs would be fun, too. So we did it.

Here’s how it works:

Partner up with one CMU between each pair. Partner #1 picks up CMU and starts walking. Partner #2 does first exercise on the list and then chases down Partner #1. When he catches his partner, they swap: Partner #2 takes the CMU while Partner #1 does the same exercise. Repeat until all exercises have been done 5 times BY EACH partner.

  • 5 Burpees (50 per pair)
  • 10 Overhead Claps (100 per pair)
  • 15 Merkins (150 per pair)
  • 20 Big Boy Sit-ups (200 per pair)
  • 25 Squats (250 per pair)

(we all almost got to the squats…)

Halfway through the workout, the wind blew our shovel flag over, so we cut the BOMBS short without about 5 minutes to spare and did our penalty burpees before Mary.


Dealer’s Choice – OJ led us in a round of no-eye contact Pickle Pounders.


Orange Julius, The Streak, Commie, Woodpecker, Granola, Mr. Wonderful, Wall Builder


At our mid-week services at church for the last few weeks, we’ve been going through a series called “Struggle” We’ve been talking about various spiritual disciplines or practices to help us not lose sight of our goal.

This week, we had a guest speaker – he basically brought up three things that distract us from our focus on Jesus. Secularism, Individualism and Distraction. In short, he defined secularism as not seeing where God is involved in our lives. If God exists, he’s far away. For individualism, the individual is the center of the universe. Distraction should be obvious (cough smart phones cough).

As part of this, I challenged everyone to consider these things and how you can think about how to combat these issues:

  • To fight secularism – be thankful for where things come from, recognize that even the things we’re in “control” of ultimately come from God
  • To fight individualism – be there for each other. Thanks for coming out to F3. This is one of the huge benefits of F3.
  • To fight distraction – put your phone down. Stop watching the news. Turn off the TV. Psalm 46:10: “Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”


I really enjoyed the workout today, but it was sort of difficult to explain. Everyone knew BOMBS, but there was confusion around if they were supposed to carry the CMU back or not. I basically learned that I need to spend more time ensuring I’m understood. Rain doesn’t make communication easier either. I’m positive we could make it through the entire workout if we were to do this again.

Also, partner workouts with an odd number of people and doing something unfamiliar to everyone made for even more confusion.

TCLAPS to Granola and Mr. Wonderful for their second post of the day!