August 15, 2018

Tortoise and the Hare B.O.M.B.S. at the Barracks

THE SCENE: Sweaty, mosquito infested Memphis morning at the Barracks. Perfect weather to embrace the suck.

Done. No questions.

SSH x20

Imperial walkers x15

Hillbillies x15

Daisy Pickers x15

400m Warmup Ruck lap

Tortoise and the Hare BOMBS

PAX divided into Pairs. YHC went solo due to odd number of participants (Soybean on Injured Reserve). Around the track, Partner 1 starts walking, rucked up. Partner 2 starts exicon. Once one set is completed, Partner 2 runs to catch Partner 1, swap ruck, and complete his set of exicon. Exicon, completed by all PAX as follows:

  • 5X5 BURPEES X 2 PAX = 50
  • 5X10 OUTLAWS X 2 PAX = 100
  • 5X15 MERKINS X 2 PAX = 150
  • 5X20 BIG BOY SIT-UPS X 2 PAX = 200
  • 5X25 SQUATS X PAX = 250

PAX completed all sets and exercises with about 7 minutes to spare, leaving room for more. YHC opted to fill the time by having all PAX wall sit, rucks out front, while the first PAX in line ruck-ran to far end of the track. Once the other end was reached, a holler was given, signally the next PAX to follow suit. All completed with two minutes to spare.

Filled the last couple of minutes with:

Freddie Mercury x15

Ruck raises x5

6 PAX (NO FNG): Hitch, Shoestring, Bruce Wayne, Bookworm, Soybean, Blart on Q
Matthew 7:1-6

YHC shared how his struggle with anger with a difficult family situation had drawn him to the passage above. God is working in me to help me realize that I am need of just as much grace as the next guy.
Prayed for YHC, as well as travels for Hitch and his kids starting Parents’ Day Out.

Coffeteria at UGLY MUG shared by 5/6 PAX. One poured out for ol’ Bookworm.
GrowRuck in September. Hitch on Q next week for sim. See ya next time.