October 31, 2018

Top 2 Bottom Smokefest


It was a sweltering 65 degs on this late Octo-bear** morning. Also one of the few remaining glooms before DST robs us of the what YHC considers the “True Gloom”.

This mornings ridiculous goings on started at precisely 0530 which is precisely when YHC arrived at the Morg. All according to plan.


F3 mission was stated in case of any newbs. There weren’t any but still…



Windmills x16IC for some reason

A few sets of Quick feet/high knees


As sudden as YHC appeared the PAX were moseying over to the pavilion for some upper body shinaniganery. Group up 4 PAX to a picanic table. ???? ???? 

  • Derkins x20IC
  • Dips x15IC
  • Team Table Rows x20IC
  • Team Table Shrugs x20IC
  • Carolina Drydock x20IC

YHC thoroughly enjoyed the painful groaning that came from the PAX when they thought we were on the last rep then didn’t hear SB’s signature reverse count for the last rep. Suck it up! ????

Took a little yog along Bartlett Ave over to the NE parking lot for some Corror. (that’s a mix of the words core and horror. It expresses how much the workout sucked and doubles as the one trace of a Halloween theme you’re gonna get here)

  • WWI situps x25IC
  • Hollywood Crunches x15IC shift rudder and repeat (???? maritime jargon)
  • Reverse crunches x10IC
  • Heel Touches x20IC
  • Crunchy Frogs x10IC

Lined up single file for a “hardworking Native American” run along the back road back to start-ex. Some of the pax grabbed some extra badassery by running backward. Granola and Mr. Wonderful tried to race and almost RUINED EVERYTHING! Stick to the plan, boys!! Sorry for yelling.

Back at start-ex. Lower body stuffs.

  • Prison squats x20IC
  • High knee squat jumps x20 OYO
  • Short shoe tying break
  • Smurfjacks x20IC
  • Single leg Baby Makers x15IC  Shift rudder and repeat 

    To finish things off, PAX lined up in the parking lot and made a Gruesome advance across the lot to victory using the following MOTs. It sucked

    • Groiners three parking spaces
    • Crabwalk three spaces
    • Duckwalk three spaces 
    • Bearcrawl three spaces
    • Back to starting line using reverse form of the above modes of travel for a total of 24 spaces

Tiger Lily led us in a little Hurricane Hoe-down. Thx, bruh.

Granola, Mr. Wonderful, Sleep Number, Soulja Boy, Choker, Orange Julius,  Tiger Lily, Wall Builder
Today is Mrs. SB’s b-day and approaching our 16 year anniversary so I shared Ephesians 5 and some stuff about us.
Also shared some stuff about Reformation Day.
Happy Reformation Day!

**My M gets all mad at me cause i keep referring to her birth month as the “eight legged bear”.

Granola continues to post shirtless.