March 22, 2018

Top 2 Bottom Beatdown

THE SCENE: Morg. 36. Thin layer of frost. Felt great!

Did that.


  • Arm circles 10 IC and reverse
  • ISW 15 IC
  • High knees for 60 sec count
  • Torso stretch 10 count in both directions

Main Thang grouped inton 3 section with the intention to work the upper, mid, and lower body in that order with plenty of moseying in between.

  • Mosey to picnic pavilion. Hold plank till all in. Group up 4 PAX to each table. 12 Pax so it worked out perfect!

Upper Body

  • Derkins 20 IC
  • Dips 20 IC
  • Team Table Rows 20 IC
  • Team Table Shrugs 20 IC
  • Carolina Dry Dock 20 IC (This was originally intended to be overhead press using the picnic table as weight but in the interest of time and safety… )

Mosey to the far parking lot.  Q encouraged PAX to incorporate high knees for extra challenge. Hold plank till all in.


  • Big Boi situps 20 IC (Normally done during Mary but, WHATEVAH! YHC likes to think of himself as a pioneer.)
  • Hollywood crunches 15 IC on both sides
  • Reverse crunches 15 IC
  • Scuba divers 45 sec count x2

Indian Run along the back road back to the starting point.

Lower Body

  • Squats 20 IC
  • High knee jumps 20 OYO (Al Gore till all in)
  • Split Jacks 20 IC
  • That thing where you get on all fours and kick backwards 20 IC then switch (Part Timer informed YHC that the proper name for this exercise is “Susan Summers”. Thanks Mang.)


To finish things off, PAX lined up in the parking lot and made a Gruesome advance across the lot to victory. Should have made this a race. Fun right?

  • Groiners across two parking spaces
  • Crabwalk across two spaces
  • Duckwalk across two spaces (Thank you to Phat Pat for remembering to quack audibly during that. YHC completely forgot.)
  • Crabwalk two more spaces
  • Rinse and repeat back to the starting line for a total of 16 spaces


Three minutes left so ABC IC then hold low plank to burn the last minute.
12 PAX. No FNGs. Choker, Tree Hugger, Orange Julius, Bad Credit, Green Monster, Jasmine, Carport, Zima, Sleep Number, Phat Pat, Part Timer, Soulja Boy

  • I’ve had some recent conversation with an atheist co-worker concerning the universe, man’s insignificance within it, and why God would work his created order in such a way.
  • I was able to step back from thinking about the sheer vastness of the cosmos and begin to ponder the greatness of a god who is above all this as its creator and sustainer.
  • The Bible answers these questions and tells us that this is all here as one of the way that God has chosen to reveal himself to us.
  • PS 19-1

“The heavens declare the glory of God and the sky above proclaims His handiwork”

  • We take the things God has given us to assist in in our worship of Him and we logic our way to a place of doubt or even disbelief.
  • As His creation we should be thankful in humility in this as one of many ways he has revealed himself to us.
  • We ought to recognize His grace in the very next breath he allows us to take.
  • Romans 1:19-20

“For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world,[a] in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.”

  • Paul is speaking out against those who are under the wrath of God because they failed to acknowledge this and to give Him thanks or worship Him.
  • But do we see his glory in his creation? Paul is effectively saying that we owe God that recognition along with our praise and adoration.
  • The challenge: Recognize God’s goodness in his creation and the things he has given you as an extension of His grace. And tell Him from your heart “thank you”.
  • Praise and Prayer for Slicnut’s M as well as YHC’s aforementioned co-worker.

A hearty welcome back to the creepy van! Good to have you. YHC continues to reverse count cadence on the last rep and will do so till I DIE! On my last Q Green monster nearly splashed and I resolved that he would next time. sorry to say, VERY close but not this time. There was a great question from Carport this gloom concerning 3rd F. Answer: F3 welcomes men of all faiths and even those of no faith. Our primary goal is to invigorate male leadership in our community. YHC is currently EHing two atheists. Thanks Carport.

Camping trip this weekend! Read about it on this weeks preblast. Continue pushing through Merkin March! Monday the 2nd will be the first monthly “classic beatdown” at the Morg to highlight some important aspects of F3 workouts and emphasize core F3 principals. Push for max attendance and EH those FNGs!