January 12, 2021

Tohubohu, Wheezer, and Couch Potato


Quite cold. 23* during a solo pre-run. 25* at 0530. Thankfully not much wind and it was dry.


Indeed I did.


SSH’s x20 IC (no motivators since Lochte smartsacked after his 2.0 was up all night)

IW’s x15 IC

Merkins x10 IC

Alternating Leg Lunges x10 IC (for Brutus, who was not present, but being a Michigan man, was happy to see Ohio State get whipped last night)



Mosey to the stables

Lochte Q’ed sets of 6 (Devonta Smith’s jersey) and 17 a few weeks ago. In an unashamed move to one-up him, and since he wasn’t even there to defend himself, we did sets of 20 to honor Devonta Smith’s updated stats of 20 TD catches this year. I don’t love Alabama but you gotta give him credit. In fairness, Najee Harris had 30 TD’s this year and maybe we should have honored him instead.

We did a set of 20 of each exercise, followed by two pull-ups in the stable, then mosey around the stable, then rinse and repeat….




American Hammers


Flutter Kicks


Bonnie Blairs


It was right around the burpees when Wheezer started fussing about his hands being cold. YHC didn’t understand this…being a Yankee, I’m well aware that 25* is not warm. I wore ski gloves. Wheezer may have been wearing gardening gloves. He had messaged me in Slack the night before about how I needed to “kick it up a notch” in my Q and really push the PAX. Well, maybe he’ll wear proper attire next time. Reminds me of an Ole Miss fan (which he is), who talks it up in The Grove knowing full well their team can’t deliver. Cobains.

YHC had to modify my Q due to the cold-handed PAX. We moseyed to the fountain, one of the beautiful but lesser-known and underutilized amenities at Blazing Saddle.

We executed 52 box jumps and derkins for the 52 points scored by Alabama. We still had 16 minutes left at this point, and Wheezer’s hands were still cold. Mosey to the arena.

24 Irkins, 24 box jumps, 24 mountain climbers for the 24 points Ohio State scored. Wheezer picked up on the fact that I was winging it. Little did he know he was the problem!

Mosey to the flag

6 laps around the parking lot (Devonta Smith’s jersey number) with a Dealer’s Chocie of 20 reps after each lap. PAX chose the following

Merkins – Ryan Howard

Monkey Humpers (no mystery here, Mr Cold Hands himself picked those)

Squats – YHC

10 Burpees (Woody went easy on us)

Flutter kicks – Hello Friends

TIME before the last round


She doesn’t post when it’s this cold.


Woody, Hello Friends, Wheezer, Ryan Howard, Cheezsteak


I picked up the book “Disciplines of a Godly Man” by Kent Hughes for the first time in a while and found this quote challenging: “Men, it is impossible to maintain a pure mind if you are a television watching couch potato. In one week you will watch more murders, adulteries, and perversions than our grandfathers read about in their entire lives.” Of course, it’s possible you’re NOT watching some of the content listed, but even a Sunday afternoon of NFL is almost a barrage of Viagra commercials. I was struck that this book was written in 1991 and updated in 2001, which means we had no cell phone streaming, Smart TV’s, and a host of other media consumption options we have now. The ability to be distracted by a screen is always present and it often distracts us from more important tasks. Invest in your family, neighbors, and more enduring things!


All joking aside, Wheezer has been a great AOQ for Blazing Saddle. I left the workout realizing I need to be more prepared in case what I originally planned does not work for the PAX. The winter is tough but most of the memorable workouts are in tough conditions. I’m grateful for F3 and the challenge to work as hard throughout my day as we do during BC.

“Tohubohu” happened to be the vocab word of the day in Lochte’s inbox this morning, which means a state of chaos or utter confusion. We’re in a Shield Lock with Spirit Stick and Woody, so after we texted about the spontaneous nature of my Q, Lochte thought the connection was more than coincidence.  I don’t think my Q was chaos but it was certainly less organized than normal….and no playlist. But if the “Tohobohu” piqued your interest to read this far into my Backblast, please tag my Slack post with a “Not a Cult” emoji. Just a social experiment, that’s all.

Bauer this weekend!

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