December 31, 2019

TODAY is the day that we have – Liberace VQ @ Neverland!

Colder than a fridge (38F), but a bunch of HIM showed up in support of Liberace’s VQ! (Thanks, guys!)

Done did.


  1. Side-Straddle Hop
  2. Arm Circles Forward
  3. Arm Circles Reverse
  4. Imperial Walkers
  5. Daisy Pickers

No contact (important clarification after the last Morg post with Commie) Partner Workout at the Playground

  1. One of you will run 2 laps around the playground while the other does strength exercises, and then trade places after 2 laps.
  2. Your group must complete 100 total reps before advancing to the next exercise
  3. Here are the exercises:
    1. 100 Merkins (any style)
    2. 100 Sit-ups (any style)
    3. 100 Squats (any style)
    4. 100 Balance Exercises (switch leg on 4 CT)
      1. Daniel Son Crane Pose, OR
      2. Standing Crunches on one leg with Under-the-Leg Clap
    5. 100 Pull-ups (any style)
    6. 100 Step-ups (any style/height)
    7. REPEAT as time allows

Nowhere to be found.

3 Pre-ruck: Zima, Ice Cube, Soulja Boy
12 HIM: Beef Log, Bird-R-Real, Bobsled, Choker, Fugitive, Ice Cube, Liberace, Soulja Boy, Toucan, Turnpike, Wall Builder, Zima


“TODAY is the day that we have” – John Shaw

Tim Shaw of TN Titans suffers from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). His dad, John, is my prayer partner. Here’s what he said about his son, Tim:

“One of the things Tim has taught us, and I think it’s a lesson for everyone…medically speaking Tim’s life has an end to it. In fact, five years ago we were told he only had two to five years to live. We’re already past that. He has learned very quickly that TODAY is the day that we have, and we can ruin today by thinking about yesterday and how wonderful it used to be. And “Oh, woe is me,” and, “I wish it was like that.” We can also ruin today by looking into the future, and in Tim’s case, how horrible this is going to be. “Oh my goodness, this is going to happen,” and “I won’t be able to do this anymore, and I won’t…” So, if we go either of those directions, it actually spoils us from being present today. That’s a lesson for all of us, whether we have an ALS diagnosis or not. Try to see the good and the blessing of every day. You’re here with us today. It’s going to be a good day.”

Thank you for your support, men! VQ is a good milestone to end the year with. Thank you for your brotherhood and encouragement. I’m a stronger man because of you.


12/12 showed up for fellowship and brew

Workout Date: