August 2, 2018

To Hug a Tree and Burp an E

Well, PhP and the Corn Cob Pipe are a couple coquitos in, so it feels like the right time for a BackBlast. Here we go! 

THE SCENE: 65(degree sign) and friggin fantastic and the Cockpit! Bugs seemed a little timid with the temperature change and Phat Pat on Q. Tree Hugger showed up to spend his birthday morning with his 8 best friends and a lot of pain. More on that later.

9 PAX! NINE. This called for a welcomed pre-workout modification. No bigs.

You’d have to be there to know for sure. But pretty sure this was completed. Don’t “@ me” F3 Nation. 

SSH x20 IC
Hillbillies x20 IC
Deep Squats x15 IC
Windmills x10 IC
Merkins x10 IC

PAX partnered up with YHC flying solo, as intended (cause I’m a cowboy, on steel horse I ride. Wanted… WANTED! Dead or alive…). There were five stations set up around the half mile track at the Cockpit. They were like, such as follows:
– 50 Box Jumps under the pavilion
– 50 Overhead Presses w/ CMU
– 50 Merkins (at the corner Soulja Boy! DUH)
– 100 CMU Curls
– 100 LBC’s

PAX had to complete each set of reps individually, together, as a pair. Once completed, mosey to the next spot. The twist: If another group catches you, each PAX does 20 penalty burpees. If another group catches you because you fell behind from the burpees? More burpees. Or bc tired? Burpees. Or bc drank too much last night? Burpees. Fat??? Burpees… Old (looking at you Tree Hugger)??? Burpees!!

The goal was to get three laps. HAHAHAHAHA. As they old saying goes, “Goals were meant to be disappointed.”

Out of the two+ possible laps here’s the max that was accomplished: 150 Box Jumps, 100 Overhead Presses, 100 Merkins, 200 CMU Curls, 200 LBC’s, and 1 Mile run. Plus whatever Burpees one had to do.

PhP Deez Hips are Fire Style Stretching for 3 minutes, which bled into 6 minutes during COT.

9 PAX, No FNG’s

Whatever your reason for not completing your goals (better fitness, health, walk with God, family life) they are more or less all basically your fault, or completely outside of your control. Either way, bemoaning the consequences of your decisions will get you nowhere. Do the penalty burpees of life and move on. Make the HC to make the decision now, today, right after you screwed up etc. to then make the right decision that you should have done all along. And get better step by step (day by day, a fresh start over, a different hand to play, the deeper we fall, the stronger we stay, and we’ll get better, the second time around).

Cobains to Zima and Bootheel for making them run a quarter mile to their start position.
We sang happy birthday to Tree Hugger for the second coming of this Gloom’s* COT.
Boxjumps suuuuuucked. Hips don’t lie.
T-claps to Soulja Boy for running a fantastic AO.
Ummmmm… the sandwiches at SB Donuts are straight fire. Seriously, don’t know what that magic is, but I need more of it in my life.
No Fuegos little fire buddies watched us workout. Not a good look for the fire department. Just saying. #ABH (No Fuego has the best attitude though)
Gilligan officially knows his way around to three AO’s like the back of his hick yankee hand. Love it!
Bootheel is awesome. Never complains. Just puts in work.
Zima complains all the time.
Flobee is the best and fittest barber in the 901
And Short Timer is a HIM for taking over AOQ duties (as it were, if promotion stands).
Fantastic morning.

*Gus! LOL

Gilligan’s birthday tomorrow!
Other stuffz!