March 10, 2018

Tires, stumps and cinder blocks…oh, my!

THE SCENE: Levee; Crisp and 36 degrees


Gut punch.
*Burpees x10 OYO

*Swirling SSH (soon to be submitted as the ‘Tennessee Twister’ to Exicon):

To celebrate the 68th day of the 2nd Millenium plus 18 years…PAX performed this exercise x68 IC (while performing the exercise the PAX rotated and moved in a clockwise rotation to 34 reps; paused then PAX rotated counter-clockwise and performed the remaining 34 reps). Recovered and regained balance.
*Walking Squats x68 IC (while performing the exercise the PAX rotated and moved in a clockwise rotation to 34 reps; paused then walked in reverse as  PAX rotated counter-clockwise and performed the remaining 34 reps.) Recovered and regained balance.

*Mosey almost .50 of a mile to nearby road then turned back around returning to parking lot


YHC had arrived early to conveniently lay-out a coupon distribution of the following:

*1 large tractor tire
*1 cooler filled with 40 lbs water btls and 1 stump
*2 cinder blocks
*2 stumps

*Partners were spaced 40 yards apart; 1 on each end, North to South.

PAX1: Flip tire a designated distance about 40 yards, perform 5 Burpees

PAX 2 and PAX 3: Working as a pair; PAX2: Lunge Walk 40 yards with cinder block while PAX 3: performed 8-ct Body Builders AMRAP.  When PAX 2 arrived at PAX3 they would switch routines (ex: PAX 2 would perform 8-ct BB while PAX 3 returned back to Startex performing Lunge Walk with cinder block). Once done both PAX would Al Gore until next instruction to move stations as a Unit.

PAX 4 and PAX 5: Working as a pair; PAX 4: Squat Walk with cinder block 40 yards; PAX 5: Squat Jump AMRAP until PAX 4 arrived; switch.

PAX 6 and PAX 7: Working as a pair; PAX 6: Broad Jump with cinder block 40 yards; PAX 7: SSH AMRAP until PAX 6 arrived; switch.

PAX 8 and PAX 9: Working as a pair; PAX 8: Bear Crawl 40 yards; PAX 9: Merkins AMRAP until PAX 8 arrived; switch.

Once the PAX at the Tire was done flipping the entire Unit of all 9 PAX were finished with their routines then each PAX would shift up 1 station.  This allowed each PAX to have a new partner each station.

Once all PAX had hit all stations then the PAX did Burpees x5 OYO until all in.

*Mosey almost .3 mile then turned around and did Indian Run almost .40 mile back to where Warm-A-Rama was performed.

BBSU x AMRAP until clock expired

9; Slicnut, Woody, Raven, Money Bags, Harry Caray, Bombay, Billy Blanks, O Positive (YHC) and Elvis (Willy  Loman from F3-Birmingham, AL)

Citing recent devotions that YHC has been going through daily by Charles Spurgeon, titled ‘Morning and Night’ on the Logos Bible App by Faithlife. YHC reflected on an overwhelming recurrent theme of ‘leadership’. Leadership and accountability of one’s actions.  Like complaining about the distraction of ‘yoga pants’ at the gym is analagous to complaining that alcohol is at a bar. If the distraction is too strong, man up, and have the self-control to pick a healthier outlet that doesn’t put you in jeapordy.  Be accountable to someone. Find that someone.  Be that someone.

A privilege to host ELVIS from F3 Birmingham, brother of F3 Memphis PAX ‘Wide Right’ who is getting married on 3/10. Elvis in town for his older brother’s wedding.  YHC incorporated a more diverse work-out than is typical for him.  He did have a hiccup or 2 making slight adjustments as he went along but held things in check overall.

PAX prayer request were lifted up.

A lot going on in Memphis.  Stay tuned.