April 12, 2018

Tired not injured

THE SCENE:  59 degrees. It was outside and dark. The sun was down.

side straddle hop X 30; Goofball X 20; arm circles, butt kickers X 15, and cotton pickers X 15


  • Burpee 3/4 mile
  • Colonel Trautman (3 rounds)
  • Mosey to Baseball Diamond and do 4 rounds of Blimps around the Infield
    • Round 1 – Sprint to base and do 10 lunges on each leg… sprint to next base and repeat until back home.
    • Round 2 – Same pattern with 15 merkins
    • Round 3 – Same pattern with 20 plank jacks
    • Round 4 – Same with 25 squats
  • Mosey back to parking lot…
  • Caterpillar for two rounds


  • LBC
  • Alphabet
  • WWII Sit ups X 20
  • American Hammer
  • Dab on that zombie walker don’t remember the name thing.
    10(3 FNG’S) handsy, bottomless, cowbell, not a sport, commando, snookie, lilnicky. Uncle Si (Corey Cunningham), Sleepy (Kyle Morgan), and Bartman (Todd Dixon). 
    Talked through seeing and remembering God’s character and how great He is. Remembered that before Jesus those who saw God’s presence would have physically died (Moses example).  YHC has been reminded lately how incredible it is that we get to enter boldly into the presence of God because of the work of Christ on our behalf.  

Prayer requests: Bruce (strep throat) and Vocals traveling.  Praise for Not a sports work situation going well.  Lil Nicky Serbia trip. Cowbell’s daughter who is sick and in a play.

Grow ruck