February 9, 2021

Tire and Sandbag Party

For 0440 it was pretty pleasant.  I was 1st (yep, Choker, you heard me right), had I not spied Bootheel at the light at whatever intersection that is prior to the last leg to Blue Collar, I might have wondered if I had been alone today but we all know Bootheel is Mr. Reliable!   I was glad to see him and his nice tire too!


Yes I did that – had to do it again as some big Texas looking white pick up entered the parking lot and out stepped Vengeance!  Well how do you do!!  3 is definitely a party!!!


SSH x 31 IC (# of points TB scored in Super Bowl LV)

Arm circles – forward and backward x 10 IC

Windmills x 10 IC

3 things were needed today

  1. Big Tire (check – thanks Bootheel)
  2. 60 lb sandbag (check – thanks GoRuck)
  3.  A will to work (check – all 3 PAX were ready to go)
  • PAX 1 – Sandbag Toss x 5
  • PAX 2  – Tire Flip x 8
  • PAX 3 – AMRAP exercise
  • When PAX 1 and 2 are done, ROTATE

After everyone has done the AMRAP exercise, YHC called out another exercise and we rinsed and repeated around the parking lot a couple of times.

Near the end, YHC changed it to sandbag toss x 10 and tire flip x 10 because you always have more in you than you think you do.

We did plenty of MARY during THA-THANG

3 PAX, Bootheel (AOQ), Vengeance, Rabbit (QIC)


The 2nd F I argue is as critical if not more than the 1st F (which I would argue is what brings most guys out to F3 in the beginning).  I wouldn’t have done what I did this morning if Bootheel and Vengeance weren’t there.  Fellowship is critical for guys.  Keep accelerating in this space by showing up and staying for PLC, praying for your fellow PAX (check out the prayer channel in Slack), forming a ShieldLock (or 2 or more, whatever works) and going to 2ndF lunches when possible.

Seeing the transformation that Bootheel and Vengeance have made is inspiring for me and makes me want to work even harder and continue to encourage them in their journey.   Keep up the good work guys!!!

Vengeance and I were on the tire flip and sandbag toss together – at one point I asked him why he was flipping the tire so fast and his response was “I am trying to catch you”  Needless to say I picked up the pace!   LOL!  Well done Vengeance!

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