November 29, 2017

Time to get your roll on. Not ya schrimps.

Workout: Levee

Conditions: upper 40s and low 50’s. Determined cloudy during star gaze crawls

Q: Billy Blanks

PAX: Meter Maid, Escobar aka Slicknut, C-Lo, F150, Captain Obvious, Moneyball, Pops, Rabbit, Woody



Jumping jacks x 25 4 cadence count
Single leg calf hop x20 ct each
Imperial walkers 15 IC 4 CT
Squats x 20, IC 4ct
Stretch what you want

Mosey mixed with calisthenics around parking lot (high knee, butt kick, Carioca, side shuffles

30 yd sprint then 10 burpees
30 yd sprint then 8 burpees
30 yd sprint then 6 burpees
30 yd sprint then 4 burpees
30 yd sprint then 2 burpees

Mosey to Skate park

Split in 2 groups
G1 Lunge walk around perimeter of skate park
G2 10 box jumps or step ups, 10 dips, 10 Incline Mercians. Repeat until other group finishes
Groups switch roles

Patch of grass (2 cones 20 yd apart)
Bear crawl down then crawl bear back
Star gaze crawl down and back
Front roll down and back (modification is log roll)
Broad jump burpee down then crab walk backwards

Calf raises 3 ways x 20 by count
Dry dock crabs x10

ABC-focus on straight legs
6 in and hold straight 15 sec

Cot/BOM. Q talked about Colossians 4:2-6. Encouraged PAX to watch what they say and how they say it. Focus on verse 6 when it talks about being gracious in your speech and being like salt. Walk in wisdom and put it into practice this week.

Matt case- wife recovery, Morgan and Casey baby
F150-praying to sell house

Moleskin- PAX is not a fan of front rolls or crawling in grass. While doing laundry helps the clothes, a different form of workout helps use new muscles. Proud of the men for finishing the workout even if they were not fans of some exercises. Also in future, do 10-burpee penalty for no SF at the end because we did it first thing to
Get it out of the way. The SF holder then proceeded to walk out of the woods as we wrapped up….