June 27, 2019

Tiger Lily’s Hoedown at BZ

Date: 06/27/2019

AO: Blazing Saddle

QIC: Tiger Lily

PAX: Halpert, Rocket Launcher, Roots, Sparky, Speaker, Watchita, U-Rock, and Woody

THE SCENE: It was a lot more humid then it was at my last Q in Seattle, but near as humid as it could have been.


20 Daisy Pickers IC
15 Imperial Walkers IC
10 Arm Circles IC
5 Good morning IC

Bear Crawl Warm-Up: Taking turns an individual will throw the Frisbee as far as possible. While the Frisbee is in the air all PAX sprint towards the Frisbee, but once the Frisbee hits the ground all PAX must bear crawl the rest of the way to the Frisbee. Repeat until all PAX throw the Frisbee. Of note, other then when YHC rolled the Frisbee back to the parking lot, I am not sure if the Weasel Shaker himself ever bear crawled.

Phase 1: 11s
Completed 11s, starting with 1 burpee at the west end of the parking lot, then running to the west end and do 10 BBSU, finally back pedal to the starting point. Continue adding on burpee and subtracting 1 BBSU, until 10 burpees and 1 BBSU is completed.

Phase 2: 4 Corners
Split into four groups for 5 rounds of the following:
Corner 1: AMRAP Dips on the bumper of PAX trucks
Corner 2: AMRAP CMU Curls
Corner 3: AMRAP CMU Triceps Extension
Corner 4 (timer): 10 Mericans
Rotate through the exercises 5x each

Hurricane Hoedown from 1 to 7, with 15 seconds of star-gazers at the end.

9 PAX, no FNGs

Long Term Impact and Blind-Spots – My 2.1 decided while YHC was out of town to try to start a fire in the garage, he was successful in lighting sawdust soaked in gasoline on top of a CMU on fire and burning a plastic bucket. Needless to say, he was not thinking about the impacts that a fire in the garage could cause. YHC challenged the PAX to use others that have been there or others around us to look at our blind spots and look at the long-term impacts our actions might cause.

YHC really enjoys the mornings away from my normal AOs. The community aspect that you get from all PAX within F3 Memphis is great. No matter what happens everyone is always encouraging and willing to put in work. During the four corners, it was great to see nobody taking a corner ‘off’ or sandbagging. Way to push yourselves this morning fellas and I look forward to seeing the Hurricane Hoedown on one of your Qs soon.