August 3, 2019

Tic-Tac-Toe & Oregon Trail

THE SCENE:  Muggy and clear
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER —-Push yourself but don’t wreck yourself

5 silent ssh
No rules Tic-tac-toe with cmu’s

Pax must sprint up the hill to grab their cmu’s marked X/O then run back down to make a play.  The non participants did some sort of core work while game was being played. It was tough and there were no winners.

Then we had some wagon races.

1st and 2nd rounds were 3 wagons being pushed by 3 PAX across the field and around the flag and back.

3rd round  was all hands on board. While 3-4 men pushed the wagon the rest of them were on the wagon preforming LBC’s and merkins in a rotating fashion.

15 penalty Burps for breaking the flag.
Nature Boy, Soybean, Chyna, Billy Blanks, Swipe Right, Snowman, Woody, 2/3’s of Meter Maid, Sparky-Q
Only we can control what we put out there in the world regardless of how society seems to just sit back and accept incompetence on a daily basis.  Be better than the norm and raise the bar if possible.
Lots of hard work and fun was had. We learned that Bill Blanks can’t drive a wagon.
Sorry but the app wouldn’t allow me to tag the pax that participated.