December 6, 2017

Three Sport Beatdown at the Levee

AO:  Levee

Conditions: Mid 30’s overcast – bit muddy

QIC: Slicnut

PAX: Meter Maid, Escobar aka Slicknut, Woody, Home Boy (from the ATL)



SSH IC x 20
LBC IC x 20
Plank Jacks IC x 15
Merkins IC x 15
Butt Kickers IC X 20
Tempo Squats x 20, IC

Mosey to Baseball fields

The Thang

Field 1 – Lunge walk the bases
Box Jump X 20 on planter
Calf Raises (3 way Regular, Toes in, Toes Out) X 20
Field 2- Too muddy Omaha to parking lot
Frog Jump ~ 50 yards
Box Jump X 20 on planter
Incline Merkins X 15

Mosey to Tennis courts
Sevens (Burpees and Merkins)
1 Burpee run to other side of tennis courts 6 Merkins
2 Burpees – 5 Merkins

Mosey to Parking lot next to football field
50 Yard Sprint – right into a 50 yard Carioca
50 Yard Sprint – into 50 yard reverse lunge

Mosey back to flag


Crunchy Frog IC X 20
Box Cutters IC X 15
Freddy Mercury IC X 15
BBSU (Big Boy Sit ups) OYO X 20
Bridge IC X 15

Cot/BOM: From Isaiah – God gave Isaiah the prophesy of Jesus’ birth.  God’s word never fails.  Jesus was a man of his word.  He never failed.  We need to be a man of our word.  Be at your children’s events, be consistent in taking your family to church – there are so many areas where we fail.  Step up and be a man of your word.