July 22, 2019

This is Sparta! VQ


Dark, Warm, and Moist.

Complaints are en route to the city of Germantown for underperforming street lights.


PAX were welcomed and disclaimed.


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Daisy Pickers x 15 IC
  • Arm Circles Forward x 20 IC
  • Arm Circles Reverse x 20 IC
  • Brisk mosey around the parking lot

DORA 3-3-3-3: PAX picked their partners and were greeted with an eye popping ????and jaw dropping amount of reps. One PAX ran to the end of the parking lot and back while the other pushed through the pain. Grumbles were mumbled by those repping it out while fist bumps and high fives were abundant for those on the run.

PAX: This is madness!

King Leonidas: Madness? This is Sparta!

  • Carolina Dry Docks x 300!
  • Squats x 300!
  • LBCs x 300!
  • Calf Raises x 300!

ELEVENS: 10-1, 9-2, 8-3, 7-4, 6-5, 5-6, 4-7, 3-8, 2-9, 1-10

  • 10 Merkins
  • Bear crawl across the street
  • 1 Mountain climber (2=1)
  • Bear crawl back
  • 9 Merkins
  • Bear crawl
  • 2 Mountain climbers
  • Bear crawl
  • etc…


  • Flutter Kicks x 15

14 PAX: Hello Kitty, Captain Obvious, Faceplant, Halpert, Steinbrenner, Blank Stare, Raven, Ballboy, Innuendo, Motel 6, Waldo, Linked In, Boudreaux, Landline (VQ)

“Be who you are and say what you feel, Because those who mind don’t matter, And those who matter don’t mind.”-Everyone’s favorite rhyming Doctor (Seuss, not Dre).

Encouraged everyone to be true to themselves and not let others dictate who they should be.  Don’t be embarrassed to share what you feel with those you care for and love and for everyone else, shake the haters off.

Enjoyed Q’ing my first workout. The timing was a little longer than I anticipated for DORA, so I just cut some extra running and some Mary exercises from the original plan. I’m sure no complaints there. Looking forward to my next Q. SYITG

My next Q (already scheduled) will be at Arcadia on 8/7.