January 15, 2020

“This is just like The Nutcracker.” -Speedy

THE SCENE:  SHORTS weather. Everything still damp from an overnight shower.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  Given, but as this was YHC’s first post in 2020, I’m sure it was faulty.

Motivators, IC, down from 6

Imperial Walkers 15x IC

Hillbillies  15x IC

Daisy pickers  12x IC

Stretch, 60 seconds OYO

Mosey around parking lot


Calf raise walk (walk on tip-toes) across parking lot ~30 yards. 1 squat, 4 Bonnie Blairs (1=1)

Calf raise walk back across parking lot. 2 squats, 8 Bonnie Blairs.

We did this up to 10 squats, 40 Bonnie Blairs, then switched the lunges and calf raises.

Lunge walk across the parking lot. 11 Squats, 44 calf raises

Lunge Walk across parking lot, 12 Squats, 48 calf raises.

25 merkins were done after each 5th round, so the arms did not feel left out.

Rinse and repeat until 6:15.

Never heard of her.

7 PAX: Lochte (QIC), Speedy (AOQ), Tremor, Bailout, DHL, Iceberg, Jet Blue

I lost my job at the end of 2019, and am in the process of interviewing and looking for something new. This was a thank you to the handful of HIMs who have offered help and reached out on my behalf for various positions, and encouraging words during these stressful times for our family.

And let this serve as a reminder to all Memphis PAX, you do not have to struggle through anything alone. No matter what you are going through in your life, somebody in this group has undoubtedly been through the same thing before, and somebody out there will have a connection to help you out.

This workout is awesome! The mosey during warm-o-rama (which was slow) was the fastest we moved all morning. This workout is about blasting your legs with high reps and lots of repetition of the same three exercises. It was warm enough for shorts, but by no means a scorcher, and after we started THA THANG, we never went any faster than a walk. And still, by the time we finished, my shirt was soaked in sweat!

When we started the first round, as we were doing our first walk on tip toes, Speedy commented, “For those of you that didn’t see The Nutcracker over the holidays, it was just like this!”

Welcome back, Bailout!!

See Slack.

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