May 25, 2018

They came to “SeeAlice” they were left with a happy ending.

THE SCENE:  A muggy 70 degrees as we gathered in the Gloom.  The excitement was so arousing that one of our PAX didn’t even remember it was his birthday (Wide Right).   What was so arousing you ask?  Everyone was yearning to SeeAlice.


Disclamer took way to long and was commented on how I personally could be sued.  I am sure most would not care for my debt.  But if you would like it be my guest.
Leg Swings IC X 20 (10 both legs)
Arm Circles IC X 20 (10 both directions)
Squats OYO 20
Cotton Pickers IC X 15
But Kickers IC X 15
Apollo Onos IC X 15
Donkey Kicks IC X 15

Mosey to Tennis Courts
On One tennis court sideline start and go to other sideline then return performing the following:
Spiderman Crawl
Lunge Walk
Squat Broad Jump
Reverse Lunge Walk

Round 1 
Mosey to Picnic Tables (Partner Work) 3 stations Switch partner every 30 seconds.
Station 1 – SeeAlice OYO X 30 seconds – One partner holds ankles.  Other partner lays face down on picnic table with upper body hanging off edge.  The move is to raise up (if you can get it up) to a flat back.

Station 2 – Derkins (Decline pushups) X 30 seconds then Incline Merkin X 30 seconds

Station 3 – Plank Circles X 60 Seconds

Round 2
Station 1 – Bird Dogs X 10 (Both Legs)

Station 2 – Squat Kicks X 10 (Both Legs)

Station 3 – Dips X 20

Mosey to Skate Park
Jacob’s Ladder
Start at bottom of skatepark – Run to top of hill 1 Burpee and return to start line.
Add a Burpee each time you reach the top of the hill.  Stop at 7 burpees.
Mosey back to Flag
Crunchy Frog IC X 15
Pickle Pounders IC X 15
Box Cutters IC X 15
Jane Fondas IC X 10 both legs
Hello Dolly IC X 20

7 PAX (0 FNG)

Ecclesiastes 6:9 – What the eyes see is better than what the soul desires.  This too is futility and a striving after the wind.
Solomon knows that the soul desires a relationship with God.  He is the only one that can satisfy our needs.   We go after what the eyes see instead of going after God.  And as Solomon states – this is like chasing the wind.

Consider what you are longing for or desiring.  Does it include God?  Are you chasing the wind?

I woke up this morning and I thought that some PAX would likely not be there due to traveling or as one PAX put it He felt like something or someone with the initials CMU was sitting on his face (that sounds awful Captian Obvious).

I was encouraged to see that 7 HIM made it a priority to get better today.  I know that curiosity kills the cat but it can’t harm a HIM.  So I brought out the SeeAlice for a this special occasion (Wide Right’s birthday).  SeeAlice seemed to be bit difficult or as some put it Hard but all seemed to enjoy it when it was all over (30 seconds).

Pharmacist disclaimer – SeeAlice may be used as often as needed.  If SeeAlice lasts longer than 4 hours see a nearby Co-Q for assistance.  There is only a 10% risk of low back injury and as we found out from Billy Blanks’ gloom horn there is a 1 out of 7 chance of anal leakage.

Memorial day convergance at the Barracks 6:00-7:00am