July 23, 2020

The Warden

Balmy.  Dark.  Wet from the previous day’s rain.  Perfect.



PAX were asked to walk their CMU to grass field and circle up for the Warm-o-rama…

20 SSH’s
20 BBS’s (OYO)
20 Merkins (OYO)
8 Burpees (OYO)
Total:  68 reps

Exercise 1
Partner 1 – CMU Burpees
Partner 2 – Mosey to tree-line w/CMU
TOTAL: 100 burpees
Exercise 2
Partner 1 – CMU Overhead Press
Partner 2 – 10 CMU BBS’s
TOTAL: 200 OP’s
Exercise 3
Partner 1 – CMU curls
Partner 2 – 10 CMU high plank pull-thrus (2:1)
TOTAL:  300 CMU curls
Exercise 4
Partner 1 – CMU Jump Squats
Partner 2 – Mosey to tree-line w/ CMU
TOTAL: 200 CMU Jump Squats
Exercise 5
Partner 1 – CMU Burpees
Partner 2 – Bear Crawl to tree line, Broad jump back
TOTAL: 100 CMU Burpees

* Disclaimer:  There was not enough time to finish all 5 exercises.  We really needed about an hour to complete this workout.  Noted for next year.

68 burpees.  Most PAX (including YHC), did not quite get to 68…

58 PAX (2 FNG’s:  Welcome Sabbatical and Celine)

Since we lost dad on April 20th, there have been a range of emotions as you might imagine.  Extreme sadness, depression, anger, joy, gratefulness, confusion, and numbness are just a few.  I personally have dealt with the besetting sin of self-pity…and I came across an article from Desiring God this week that punched me square in the mouth.  Here’s part of what I read:

And selfishness had five reflexes that I could discern very clearly.

  1. The reflex of expecting that I be served
  2. The reflex of feeling I am owed
  3. The reflex of wanting praise
  4. The reflex of expecting that things will go my way
  5. The reflex of feeling that I have the right to react negatively to being crossed in my desires

Now, the reason I call those five things reflexes of selfishness is because I don’t premeditate any of them. They just happen in my head, in my heart. I didn’t decide for any of those to happen; they just are there. That’s how rooted our unmortified corruption and remaining, indwelling sin and selfishness is. And I noticed, as I kept my sin before my own eyes, that these selfish reflexes gave rise to four characteristic things that were manifest for others to see — not just in my head, but obvious to everyone.

  1. Anger — the strong emotional opposition to the obstacle that just got in my way
  2. Self-pity — a desire that others feel my woundedness and admire me for being so mistreated (and that’s the one Michael is asking about)
  3. Quickness to blame — a reflex to attribute to others the cause of my frustrating situations
  4. Sullenness — a sinking discouragement, moodiness, hopelessness, unresponsiveness, withdrawn, deadness of emotion

And then this:  “Passivity in the pursuit of holiness is not what the Bible teaches.”

I have been prone to the things above over the past few months.  It has been ugly.  I have an active desire to kill this temptation to self-pity, sullenness, anger, and the “why me” disposition.  Sure, I’m going to miss my dad the rest of this short life I have to live…but I don’t want to waste it on self-pity.  The best way I can honor my father’s life is to live it in the way he lived it: loving God, loving others, providing for my family, and seeking eternal matters over all else.  F3 helps me do that…and for that I am grateful.  Thanks for showing up this morning…you are truly HIM’s.  The Warden would truly be proud of what we did today…

As said before, we need about an hour to complete The Warden.  We didn’t quite have enough CMU’s so some PAX had to modify some of the exercises.  It was challenging to lead that Q with some many PAX there, it may be a good idea to have a C0-Q in that format again.  Shout-out to Hobby Lobby for bringing the water and coffee.  Shoutout to Slater for bring the LSU flag.  It was a pretty awesome sound to hear the thunderous counts during the SSH’s.  The 68 burpees at the end may have been a little over the top considering many of the PAX were so worn down from the exercises…thanks for pushing through to the end.

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