January 9, 2019

The Ultimate Gamesmanship

THE SCENE: The morning started at a cool 41 degrees Fahrenheit in the gloom

Baby Arm Circles, Daisy Pickers, Chumbawamba Burpees –  When the song says “I get knocked down… Do a burpee, otherwise you are Side Straddle Hopping – Very exhilarating

Today was all about having fun and pushing yourself through games.  We split up into two teams – 7 v 7 and played Ultimate Frisbee.  Every time the disc hit the ground everyone did merkins.  First turnover was 5 merkins, 2nd turnover 4, 3rd turnover 3, 4th turnover 2, 5th turnover 1.  Once we hit the fifth turnover we finished the point and started over again. We played for around 20 minutes doing around 100 merkins.  From there we pulled out the portable disc golf basket and different members of each team could cut their teams workouts in half if they made it from around 15 ft.  We were doing 10 reps of – Burpees, Squats, Merkins, Lunges, and Flutter Kicks.

Our Mary consisted of a little 7 minute mosey where we capped the workout off with Thunderstruck pain.  We held plank for the song Thunderstruck.  Every time we heard the word Thunder we did a merkin.  We did have to take a few rests throughout.

We had 14 guys out there with an FNG in our midst.  Please welcome MEGADOODOO to F3!
Today was all about how we have a duty to become our best self so that we can help and inspire others who are struggling.  It also consisted of having God smile down on us for the way we are living our lives.
Respect to all the guys for showing up and supporting my first Q.  Thanks for making it awesome!