February 4, 2021

The Tom Lee

Balmy. The Ruins is a great AO for it’s view of the river and the lights from downtown. On some mornings, the lights from West Memphis could almost fool you into thinking you’re catching a poor man’s sunset.


Welcomed and disclaimed

22 Imperial Walkers (IC)

16 Hillbillys (IC)

11 Richard Simmons (IC)

5 Inch Worms (OYO)

Down the stairs 2 steps, back-up 1 step

5 Laps around the paths that connect the Tom Lee Monument and Tom Lee Memorial. (for the 5 trips Tom Lee took out on the river to rescue the passengers)

Each lap started and ended at the memorial

32 Burpees to start each lap (for the 32 passengers he rescued)

Run to Monument

23 No Surrenders (for the 23 that didn’t make it)

Complete the lap by returning to Memorial

Big steps back up the stairs

1 minute low plank until time

6 PAX (1 FNG) Blackhawk (AOQ), Ricky Bobby (QIC), Altar Boy, Photoshop, Rabbit, Splat (FNG)

Tom Lee was a hero in a major way. His portrait afterwards is beaming with pride. We will likely not have major opportunities like that to be a big hero. And it’s easy to assume we’ll step up in those scenarios when a hero is needed. But, until then, we can do the little things on a daily basis to love and serve the people around us. Take care of the little things; be a little hero for your M, shorty, and others. Then we too can look back on our lives with pride, knowing we served well.

Who knows? Maybe there will be a big opportunity down the line.

I implemented a long warm-up because I knew lots of burpees were in store, but I should have kept it short and used the first lap as time for the PAX to warm-up. Altar Boy and Photoshop were able to start their 4th lap, but did not have time to complete.

The reverse Paula Abdul’s were a total waste of time. Perhaps we gained some coordination.

Photoshop recommended that I add the Richard Simmons and The Tom Lee to the F3 Exicon.

I have been trying to think of questions to ask FNGs to generate material for a good name. “What do you do for fun?” was what I asked Splat this morning, and that gave Altar Boy what he needed for a great name. If at all possible, I avoid the “first kiss” question, and I will gripe about it here. I would hate to have a nickname associated with some old girlfriend (however innocent or harmless the relationship or kiss). I just know my M would not appreciate that. She would more than not-appreciate that. We are supposed to be accelerating our relationship with our Ms, and I, personally, don’t see how to reconcile the two. I also realize that I take things too seriously sometimes. So, maybe I just need to lighten up. But I feel strongly about this.

Announcements were not mentioned. We had several things to pray about. In light of the meditation challenge, we all stood in silence for a minute before QIC concluded with prayer.

Ricky Bobby
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