December 28, 2018

the T in T-claps does not mean thunder.

THE SCENE: Wet. Shoestring made sure to mention that several times. Muddy as well

  • Shoulder rotations OYO
  • Abe Vedgoda IC x 10
  • Daisy Pickers IC x 10
  • OYO hamstring, calf stretch
  • SSI IC x 20
  • Mosey to the soccer field

On the soccer field at Gaisman Park, we did 40’s or Lindsays….high rep cousin of 11s.  Two exercises were Merkins and Carolina Dry Docks (30:10, 25:15, 20:20, 15:25, 20:15, 30:10)

After completion of one set, the PAX would carry their partner to the other side of t he field and then flapjack after completion of the alternating set.

Once all in, PAX performed 11s with Squats and Alternating Jump lunges (2 is 1).  We continued carries in between sets.

At 0611, we moseyed back to the parking lot.  QIC finished the workout with BatWing (shoulder workout he learned recently at Blazing Saddle from Halpert). PAX started with forward shoulder rotations, then reverse shoulder rotations, front shoulder press, and overhead shoulder press. It was not fun.

No time for MARY.
8 PAX, no FNGs
QIC discussed the importance of rest and sabbath.  We all have had several days away from our typical work life routines.  Discussed how I sabbath poorly and tie my self-worth with productivity and how that often makes it difficult for me to rest and be present with my wife and kids.  Challenged the PAX to be intentional with some “extra” time that we are given during these holidays to rest and be ok with simply being present with our families or significant others.
First Q at the Bingo Hall and I really enjoyed this AO.  Great group of PAX this AM that pushed themselves.  Always encouraged when a group of men will still get together even though the conditions aren’t ‘ideal’ and just to get better.

Also, never take advice from Chiochetti on Lexicon terms.  T-claps does not stand for “thunder” claps.  It stands for “Triple” claps. The more you know…
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