August 29, 2018

The Swamp, The Grove, The Shoe, the Berm: BackBlast August 29, 2018

THE SCENE: We were looking live down at the Berm at the corner of Sea Isle and Estate. Whoa Nellie was the gloom muggy. But a light breeze picked us up a few times. We celebrated the pageantry, tradition, and splendor of amateur athletics and did a College Football-themed beatdown.


Stiff-Arm  Circles

Imperial HershelWalkers (x15)

Tim Tebow (Take a knee, bounce up, and reach to sky)


We celebrated all 129 teams in D-1 football (now called FBS by some people) by doing 129 reps of selected exercises while running along the track, or as they say in Athens: between the hedges.

  • 60 All AMerkins
  • 20 Dips
  • Top 25 Burpees
  • 20 LBCs (for the 10 major conferences)
  • 4 Playoff Spots Squats
  • 1 Champion (Plank)

After the track we took the field and did:

  • #CollegeKickers. Go length of the field, 3 steps forward, swing foot high, fall on ground. Repeat
  • Bear-Bryant-Crawls.
  • Vern Lungequist
  • Four Horsemen (Wheel barrow).
  • Jameis Winston (crab walk)
  • Band member (high knees) and Drum Major (legs extended)
  • #Kick6 Sprints (2 100 yd sprints)

(Hail) MARY–which we admittedly should’ve called DOUG FLUTIE:

  • Mid-AmericanHammers
  • MountainWest Climbers
  • Heisman Plank

7 PAX Count & 1 FNG (Mardi Gras)

Luke 10: Story of Good Samaritan

It is always important not to lock in on one character in a parable. When we do, we find that we fail to sympathize with the plight of the others. In the case of this parable, sometimes we are the guy who is too busy and walks past the injured, sometimes we’re the one who stops to help, and sometimes we are the one in the ditch.

When we learn to identify with each part of the story we best understand the challenge for each of the characters. We can imagine what it might be like to be an underprivileged black child in Memphis. Or we can imagine what it is like to live in a culture where few others speak your language. Or we can imagine what it is like to be a woman here ,or even worse, in other parts of the world. But when we learn the shame of walking past, the joy of helping, and the pain of being in the ditch, we can best appreciate those who find themselves in the role we don’t currently play.

Play this out in your life for other parables. When have you been a Father, Elder Brother, or Prodigal?

When have you owed someone money? When has someone owed you?

When are you good soil? When have you been rocky?