May 4, 2020

The Star Wars Dad Jokes are strong with this one

It’s (unofficially) Star Wars Day. “May the 4th be with you”. Captain O (as acting AOQ) advised that he would call a mandatory 60 seconds of stargazers each time I would call out an exercise related to Star Wars.

Star Wars Episode 6 GIF

Challenge accepted.

It was beautiful in the gloom today. 66 degrees, partly cloudy.


We had 2 FNG’s! They were welcomed and disclaimed. (So were the rest of the WolfPax)

We started off with a brisk 1/3 mile mosey up the trail and back and then headed to district 5.

Insert Star Wars Dad Jokes…

What do you call a pirate Droid? ARRR 2D2

What do you call an invisible droid? See Through PO

star wars GIF

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Tempo Squat x 10 IC
  • Tempo Merkin x 10 IC
  • Arm Circles Forward x 5 IC
  • Arm Circles Backward x 5 IC
  • Stretch for 30 seconds

I advised that the warm up was done and now we would start the workout. One of the FNGs commented that he was sure we already started the workout.


revenge of the sith episode 3 GIF by Star Wars

  • We ran Route 66 up the trail performing Merkins increasing 1 rep at each light pole for a total of 66 Reps.
  • Ran a loop around the island with the nicest non usable basketball court, avoiding a garbage truck which would have crushed us all.
  • We then ran Route 66 back down the trail performing Jump Squat Reaches increasing 1 rep at each light pole for a total of 66 Reps.

What car takes you to a Jedi? A ToYODA

What do you call a Potato that has turned to the Dark side? Darth Tater

No penalty stargazers from the AOQ yet!

return of the jedi episode 6 GIF

Next up everyone grabbed 2 bricks from my truck and we headed up to the soccer field for everyone’s favorite exercise. Quarter pounders with Cheese.hungry star wars GIF

  • Run 25 yards, Merkins x 25, backpedal to start
  • Run 50 yards, LBCs x 50, backpedal to start
  • Run 75 yards, Squats x 75, backpedal to start
  • Run 100 yards, SSH x 100, backpedal to start

Which Jedi is a Rockstar? Bon Jovi One Kenobi

What do you call a bird of Prey with 1000 lives? Millennium Falcon

What do you call an Evil Procrastinator? Darth Later

Where did Luke get his Robot hand? The 2nd Hand Store

star wars robot GIF by The Good Films

YHC had more planned but time was running short. Moseyed back to District 5 for Mary.

star wars no GIF


  • Flutter Kicks x 25 IC
  • American Hammers x 20 IC
  • Freddy Mercury’s x 20 IC
  • Alternated High / Low Planks IC – 2 min
  • LBCs x 20 IC
  • Stargazers – 20 seconds

What character works in a restaurant? Darth Waiter

star wars epic moments GIF

What is a Jedi’s favorite toy? Yo-Yoda

star wars dogs GIF

Why do Doctors make good Jedis? Most Jedis have patients

What Star Wars movie do baseball players hate? The Umpire Strikes Back

star wars wtf GIF

9 PAX (2 FNG) in alphabetical order: Barney, Black Diamond, Captain O, Hobo, Kenny G (FNG),  Landline, Roomba, Skinner (FNG), Wheezer

Respect others point of view in this crazy pandemic time we are all experiencing. I saw an article on how just wearing masks in public is causing polar opposite reactions with people. Also the whole vaccine anti vaxxers arguments are popping up on social media. Some people are afraid to go outside, while others would welcome a handshake. Everyone has their own circumstances and we should respect them.

Prayed for Roomba and Kenny G who have had some recent losses in their families.


May The Fourth Be With You Star Wars GIF

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