December 24, 2019


Mid 40s and soggy after a prior day of consistent rain


Complete with warning about CMUs (there will be no bear crawls with them on your back) and slippery surfaces


  • 20 SSH IC
  • 15 Abe Vigodas IC
  • 15 Tempo Squats IC
  • 15 Forward and Backward Arm Circles IC

Grab 1 CMU per partner pair and hold overhead and follow me – YHC led the PAX to the top of the AO onto the flat asphalt parking lot – YHC carried a 60 lb sandbag (yes U-Rock it was 60 lbs.)

Time for C.O.M.B.S.

  • Partner up
  • Partner 1 – performs the exercise
  • Partner 2 – runs to the road (modified after the first pass to running to the bleachers)

All exercises performed with CMU

  • Curls x 100
  • Overhead Press x 200
  • Merkins x 300
  • BBSU x 200
  • Squats x 100

Modified to cut BBSU short and finished squats

Then……it was sandbag bear crawl pull through plank time

  • Everyone in a line – bear crawl position
  • 1st pax pulls sandbag through while bear crawling to it x 5
  • everyone else holds plank
  • when 1st pax is done, he calls out NEXT and the pax at the end bear crawls to the front (all other PAX remain in plank position) and does the sandbag pull
  • finished with 8 seconds to go so we stargazed

None of that


Sexy 7 – 0 FNGs, 1 WL

Captain Obvious, Oscar, Pig Wig, Black Diamond, Oscar, Landline, WL Michelin Man, YHC Rabbit


  • If I lose STUFF, I can buy it back.
  • If I lose MONEY, I can earn it back.
  • But if I lose TIME, it’s gone!
  • Enjoy every moment.  Be present in every second.  Because when it has passed, it’s done.
  • The feel good parts.  The feel bad parts.  The feel nothing parts.  It’s a journey.  It’s a gift.
  • Love it.  Hate it.  Want it.  Need it.  Feel every second of it.
  • This is time for you to spend with family, friends and loved ones.  Embrace these times because they are precious and few and far between.
  • Many have lost loved ones around the holidays and are lonely.  Many have family members in the military and they aren’t able to come home.  Cherish every moment you have!

YHC enjoyed his first Q at the Wolf.  It was great to meet some new, to me, PAX and reconnect with Pig Wig.

YHC was the odd PAX out and did not account for that when we brought the CMUs up the hill so YHC ran back to the flag and back to retrieve 1 additional CMU to ensure he paid the man.

Captain Obvious as he usually does had several quotable moments (paraphrased) 1) during the sandbag pull through “Rabbit, you think you could have picked a rougher surface to bear crawl”  2) “I guess you didn’t want us to use our arms later today”   (MISSION COMPLETION)

As Captain Obvious already shared, our Willy Loman from Trashville stated (accurately), “Your website is ten times better than ours”

Also I asked him if they ever do any CMU work and the answer was negative and he said he plans to take CMU work back to Trashville.

Captain Obvious provided some delish PLC Christmas blend.


  • Christmas Day – The Morg will be the only open AO
  • New Year’s convergence at the Mothership
Workout Date: