February 5, 2021

The Richest Man in Walnut Grove

30 degrees Fahrenheit, no wind. The grass is frosty. I roll up at about 5:10 AM to get everything ready, speaker, light, and of course the 120 lb sandbag. It took two trips to transport everything to the stairs by the pavilion. The path is a little slick, but that’s no excuse not to do any bear crawling…


Done. Here’s a formal disclaimer:


1. I am not a professional

2. You are participating at your own risk

3. You are responsible for your own wellbeing

4. You are here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here

5. Know your limits and do the best you can

The mission of F3: “to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.”

The 5 Core Principles:

• Free of charge

• Open to all men

• Held outdoors

• Peer led

• Ends with COT

Credo: “Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.”


7x Motivators 3CT IC

10x Daisy Pickers 3CT IC

10x High Knees 3CT IC

10x Burpees 6CT IC


Bataan Death Crawl to the stairs by the pavilion. All PAX bear crawl while the last man does 5 burpees, then runs and taps the last man bear crawling and runs up to the front of the PAX line.

We divided into two teams by equal weight once we reached the stairs.

A 45-second timer was running while team 1 and team 2 did the following exercises:

Team 1:

One PAX carries 120 lb sandbag up and down all flights of stairs, then switch PAX.

Catalina Wine Mixers


Super Mans

Carolina Dry Docks

Bobby Hurleys

Team 2:

Head up to pavilion. One PAX bearcrawls down and runs up while the rest of the PAX do the following exercises at the pavilion:


Balls to Walls

Wall Sit


Body Bag Builders

The teams switched positions once all PAX on team 1 had completed the 120 lb sandbag carry.

The team with the most Body Bag Builders win. Team 2 ended up winning, the prize? 20 burpees. 30 to the losers.


20x Peter Parkers 3CT IC

Stop lights IC

13 PAX: Rocket Launcher, Laettner, Mudpants, Evan Almighty, Vengeance, Roots, Boudreaux, Black Diamond, Roots, Oneder, Photoshop, Brutus, and Hoya.


Little House on the Prairie – Season 2 – Episode 1 – The Richest Man in Walnut Grove

This episode made me tear up. If you haven’t seen The Little House on the Prairie before and you have kids, I highly recommend watching it with them.

Mr. Ingalls spent two months filling a very large order at Mr. Hanson’s sawmill. They were anticipating payment that week, but the construction company that placed the order ended up going bankrupt. Mr. Ingalls hadn’t gotten paid in two months, and lost his job since the sawmill had to shut down. Furthermore, the Ingalls family had been using credit in the local mercantile, Oleson’s Mercantile, to pay for necessities such as food and school supplies.

Mr. Ingalls was devastated, and went from door to door in the local town of Walnut Grove in order to find work. He ended up getting a part-time job cleaning horse stalls and convinced his neighbor that he could dig a trench to drain the water from a pond that had surrounded his brick manufacturing “plant”. What made me tear up was that his entire family chipped in trying to make money in order to pay the debt to the mercantile store owners, Mr. and Mrs. Oleson. Mary, his oldest daughter temporarily quit school to sow at a local alteration shop and did the school assignments at night. Laura, his middle daughter, picked up chores around the house and brought school material home for Mary. His youngest apparently milked the cows, and his wife helped till the land and grow crops. In the end they managed to work together to pay off the debt and even had some leftover money for food and supplies. When Mr. Ingalls had paid the debt to Mr. Oleson, who’s children and wife are very rude and mean, Mr. Oleson said “[w]e’ve always been lucky when it came to money, believe it or not Charles (Mr. Ingalls), I think you might be the richest man in Walnut Grove”. Mr. Ingalls replied “Nels (Mr. Oleson), I know I am.”

That story just stuck with me. There is no money in the world that can replace that kind of family. So, let us prioritize our families because they are worth more than any money or material treasure in the world.

We prayed for Cantore’s daughter and Moneyball’s dad.

The meditation challenge is underway.

Workout Date: