January 4, 2018

The Quiet Game

Date: 01/04/2018

AO: The Lair

QIC: Gus

PAX: Captain Obvious, Rabbit, Moneyball, O Positive, Backseat, Woody, Bootheel, Slots, C-Lo, Gus | FNGs: The Gardener, Smash

Conditions: 19F and breezy



Side Straddle Hop IC x 15
Cotton Pickers IC x 15
Union Busters IC x 15
Little Baby Arm Circles IC forward x 8, backward x 8
Annie IC x 15

The Thang
Descending Merkin Ladder with Sprints
10 merkins at Point A
sprint to Point B
9 merkins at Point B (PAX who finish hold plank until all PAX complete [frozen fangers])
sprint to Point A
8 merkins at Point A
. . . .
2 merkins at Point A
sprint to Point B
1 merkin at Point B

[YHC gave instructions to PAX that we would be doing ten (10) 4-count reps of SSH. The first 5 would be normal, with YHC calling out cadence and PAX calling out rep #. Reps 6-10 would be performed in total silence. If the PAX failed to halt in unison, we would have a penalty to pay.]
First attempt: The PAX failed miserably. –> 10 burpees OYO
Second attempt: Significant improvement, but ultimate failure –> 10 burpees OYO
Third attempt: Stone cold performance, razor sharp perfection
[YHC was afraid the PAX would get this the first time. As it turns out, expectations must be realistic. It was harder but more fun than anticipated.]

Descending Squat Ladder with Sprints
10 squats at Point A
sprint to Point B
9 squats at Point B (PAX who finish hold Al Gore until all PAX complete)
sprint to Point A
8 squats at Point A
. . . .
2 squats at Point A
sprint to Point B
1 squat at Point B

Tammy Wynette
100 merkins + 100 squats per man
Partner A performs ten squats while Partner B performs ten merkins.
Flapjack until goal is reached.

Groiner IC x 10
Gas Pump IC x 15
Flutter Kick IC x 20
Hello Dolly! IC x 25
J-Lo IC x 10
Not so la-z-boy for 20 seconds
Crunch Frog IC x 10

Count-O-Rama (12 w/ 2 FNGs)


COT / BOM: Having a proper perspective is a powerful thing. We should not allow our circumstances to shake our perspective.

Moleskin: YHC mixed it up a bit in order to utilize the parking lot at The Lair. Despite digital messaging, a planted Shovel Flag marking the spot, and enthusiastic arm-waving, the PAX did not want to bend to YHC’s will. Woody’s late warning saved the day, though, and the PAX arrived at the designated start point with 90 seconds to spare. 

A dozen men endured cold asphalt, new exercises, and 10 MOM at the still-fresh Collierville AO.