March 19, 2019

The Problem

THE SCENE: Crisp and delightful morning.

  • SSH IC X20
  • Imperial Walkers IC X20
  • Arm Circles IC X20
  • Merkins IC X10


Our problem we got to carry for the duration of the workout was a 50 pound exercise bag known as The Problem. PAX had to ask for it to be taken from them when they were tired of it. It was up to each individual to determine when they wanted to pass it to someone else. Each PAX would use The Problem for all exercises that could reasonably be done with it (Squats, burpees, etc).

Mosey to berm near walnut grove.

11s on hill – Hand Release Werkins/Squats. 11s were done up and down the other side of the hill, meaning that the PAX would have to run up the hill, then down the other side before completing each exercise.

Crawl Bear up the hill (feet first) and Bear Crawl down.

11s on the hill – Carolina Dry Dock/Body Bag Builder (You’re welcome OP)

Walk crab up the hill (feet first (also, stupid hard)), and then crab walk down the hill.

3 Hill Sprints and SSH till all in.

Mosey back to Start Ex.


Partnered up and did some Bring Sally Up with BBS. PAX interlocked feet and went halfway down on “Bring Sally Down.”

Flutter Kicks IC X60

Stargazers OYO 30 seconds

Steinbrenner, Sonic, Yard Sale, Teacher’s Pet, Grimace
We all have problems. Asking for help with those problems is hard, especially as men. Saturday’s problem was just carrying around a 50 pound bag everywhere. For our problems outside of the exercise, we have to know when to ask for help. It’s easy to hold on to a problem and think that we got this, but as evidenced by the workout, whoever holds on to the problem long enough burns out, slows down, and gets behind – something completely normal given the circumstances. You’re surrounded by men, by pastors, by counselors, by spouses, by friends, by PAX, and by Christ, all of whom are willing to help you carry your problem.

Yard Sale and TP held onto The Problem the longest and got a killer workout. Beasts!

Nature Boy is faster than I thought. Couldn’t hang with him in the Buffalo 50k Relay. I still owe Halpert $30.
Crucible this Saturday. YHC will be working, but will send warm thoughts and prayers to the PAX having a good time that morning.